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Meditating in Nature

Intuitive Reiki Healing Meditation Series

Guided meditations to go inward, take a break and start on a path to feeling ZEN AF.  


In this meditation series, I infused Reiki healing energy in addition to the beautiful guidance, clarity and calm you’ll discover in just 8-15 minutes.  


Each meditation is designed to build on one another to help you receive the calm and balance you desire.

Launch Your Healing Business Academy

A 3-month immersive experience for Healers who are ready to launch (or re-launch) their healing business and book their first (or next) 10 clients with ease.  

As Healers, we love nothing more than learning new healing modalities that can enhance our skills and improve our gifts. 


But when it comes for Healers to share these gifts and transform their hobby into a fully-fledged, successful business with consistent clients and income, it’s a struggle.

The missing link to bridge the gap between having the skills, gifts and abilities to heal and being able to create and build a sustainable business for you to be fairly compensated for these gifts.

Image by Neal E. Johnson

Journey To Your Soul

Empowering You to open the channel to your soul to learn to heal, overcome and RISE. 

You are going to learn what your triggers (including stress, overwhelm and anxiety) are truly telling you, how to go within, see what's coming up and shift into feeling better.  

Join me in the Journey to Your Soul to heal and take your power back.

Woo Woo 101 

Want to learn in depth of all things spirituality & “woo woo”? 


Exploring Spirituality shouldn’t feel overwhelming. I have taken the complexity of spirituality and simplified it for you.

Crystals, Meditation, Sage, 

Energy Protection, Manifesting, Inner Healing

Are you ready to be your best, more informed and Zen AF you?  


Let’s do it!

Image by Karly Jones
Image by Artem Kovalev

Shift Your Mindset

Ever noticed the thoughts that pop up in your mind?  I call this the "inner mean girl".  Sometimes she has a lot of unhelpful and mean things to say. 

You're noticing the thoughts, understanding that they're not serving you but where do you begin to shift those thoughts and truly feel better?!

That's where I come in.  


I'm going to teach you how to shift and give you tools (some woo / spiritual based) to help you shift your mindset and ultimately feel better!

Let's do this!


Discover Quantum Reiki

Are you ready to learn the most powerful and innovative reiki healing available to date?  ​

Quantum Reiki is the full power and potential of all reiki styles.

Step into knowing:

  • What Quantum Reiki is

  • WHY it's the most powerful style of reiki in the world

  • How it's the easiest style to learn

  • How you can use it in your daily life

Become an internationally accredited Quantum Reiki Master in just 8 weeks!

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