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Step into your power, dive deeper into your practice, grow & expand your business and chill the nervous system out with my online coaching programs and courses!


The Rising Phoenix

Healer, it's time for you to stop hiding and step into your mf'n POWER.


Let me guess, this is you...

  • You know you're a healer and yet you're frozen in the witch wounds, afraid of judgment or what might happen if you use your voice and share your gifts.

  • You're stopping yourself from showing up in your power because you feel you don't "fit the mold" of what a healer is "supposed to" be and often sit down and 'obey' so you don't rock the boat because that's what 'good girls' do.

  • Imposter syndrome stops you in your tracks wondering who the fuck am I to share this ability? Will anyone even believe I can do this?!

  • You're playing it small with charging too little for your gifts and abilities (even afraid to expand to the next level or put yourself out there in the first place!).

How do I know?

I been in your shoes and have had to go through many of my OWN Rising Phoenix moments


I've supported healers across the world in stepping into their POWER after spending lifetimes hiding 

And now it's YOUR turn to RISE

The Rising Phoenix

Join me on this transformational 6 - month journey where you will go from: Hidden Healer to Here the Fuck I am Healer.

Open for enrollment

Rising Phoenix

Becoming HER

2 Week Minimind to become the embodiment of the Woman/Healer who has it ALL.

Let me guess...this is you


👉Desiring to be the embodiment of who you know you're here to be but sliding back into the healer closet


👉Being the door mat, people pleasing and saying yes to shit you really want to say no to


👉Finding yourself in the same thought & energetic patterns that you thought you fcking cleared already


👉Living in past lives, afraid to be seen, doing what you're told Your soul was made for MORE.


You're not lost, it's simply the programming from well meaning adults or even karmic patterns which can absolutely cleared.


It's time to step into the SOUL ESSENCE of who you are

We start July 1, 2024

Healing the Witch Wound Masterclass
Alchemize 2 (3).png


Shattering the barriers of your subconscious mind so you can Alchemize Your POWER🔥

What if I told you that life gets to be SO much better than you could have ever imagined? 

Imagine a world where you can dial down the noise of the outside world and the chatter going on in your mind.

Here's the good news..


You're not actually intentionally "self sabotaging" finding yourself netflixing or scrolling social media instead of doing what you know will move your life and business forward


The overwhelm you experience can actually be simplified without having to do another damn to do list or having what you want to get done hanging over your head


The anxiety you have been feeling has literally been your mind trying to keep you safe and through a simple yet specific process, we can neutralize the threat and calm your nervous system down


You've become a people pleaser with boundaries that haven't served you simply learned that it's easier to say yes to others and with this awareness, we can move your forward in fun aligned action.

Did I just hear you exhale???😮‍💨

Melt Away Imposter Syndrome

Healing the Witch Wound Masterclass

Strip away all bullshit societal beliefs around being a Healer and heal the witch wounds so you can stop playing small and step into owning what you're here to do.


After working with many of healers, I’ve realized there’s a huge fear that holds them back.

A link that stops you frozen in fear and feeling as though something bad will 'happen' to you if you put your gifts out into the world.

And this is why I created the Healing the Witch Wound Masterclass. 


The missing link to bridge the gap between having the skills, gifts and abilities to heal and being able to create and build a sustainable business for you to be fairly compensated for these gifts.

Healing the Witch Wound Masterclass

Melt Away Imposter Syndrome

There’s a voice inside your head that stops you in your tracks and has you frozen in fear every time you even think about showing up online or sharing your gifts and abilities.


You have a deep knowingness that you’re here to make an impact, to leave the world a better place than you found it when you arrived and yet every time you go to open your mouth and share, it feels like someone is going to figure out you’re a fraud.

This masterclass is the perfectly timed slow drip for your nervous system and IGNITE for the soul.


Let me be the one to clear the fears, ignite your confidence and personal power and remind you that there’s a better way.


I got you.


What once felt like pressure and fear like a balloon about to explode, will become light as a feather and excitement that cannot be contained even if you tried.


No longer will you have one foot in the healer closet and one foot out of the healer closet trying to figure out if it’s safe to be seen or heard.

Melt Away Imposter Syndrome

The Void

5-day experience to Shed old fears & programming & Embody the Fck out of the future version of you NOW

Shedding the serpent skin and stepping into the wisdom of who you are in your POWER🐍🔥

Day 1: The death of what’s not serving you

step into alignment , magnetizing what you desire


Day 2: The transformation - 

Stepping into the who tf you are ready to be getting clear af and tapping into the embodiment of HER


Day 3: The Rebirth - 

Looking resistance dead in the fcking eyes, naming it, following it and releasing it as you birth into the badass version of you you’re ready to be


Day 4: The Wisdom (Embodiment) - 

Now you’re going to embody the version of you who is ready to set your SOUL ON FIRE

Day 5: Quantum Leaping through Embodiment: 

Exact steps of what fully Embodying the next version of you is, the mindset & energetics in order to become HER on a day to day basis regardless of what's going on in your 3d reality

Each day you will get an audio with inspiration, subconscious reprogramming, journaling prompts & aligned actions. 

Let's release old fears and RISE into our POWER as the embodiment of you NOW🐍🔥

Image by Jared Subia
The Void

Create Your Magnetic Offer

4-week journey to ground your gifts and abilities and turn them into magnetic offers that attract soulmate clients.

After working with Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Healers across the world, I realized there is a common theme when it comes to getting your ideas made into solid offers and services. 

  • Confusion as to what to offer first because you have so many ideas circulating around you and they're not fully grounded or tangible yet.


  • Your goals feel so big that you're unsure where to even begin to reverse engineer the ideas to smaller bite sized chunks so you can just get started.


  • You have a solid idea and you don't know how to (or you're afraid) make it tangible for your soulmate clients to receive.

This is exactly why I created this program.  To link the missing gap between ideas floating around in 5D energy and ground them to the 3D so you can get them out into the world to make the impact you KNOW you're here to make.  

Magnetic Offer Creation

Magnetic AF Content Workshop

Create zero fucks content to step into your power, be seen as the expert in your field and magnetize your fuck yes soulmate client.

Not having consistent soulmate clients booking your services has nothing to do with the algorithm.

It's actually one of a few main things I see often

1. Your content isn't clear and so your soulmate client has no clue on what you offer or how it's going to help them


2. You're not selling enough. 

The one and done post or stories may work for your favorite spiritual influencer that's making 6-7 figures but they've built their audience for that. 


It's not about efforting more, it's about showing up in your power and boldly sharing your services in a way that speaks to what your soulmate client NEEDS.  

Healers are content creators too.


Selling IS soulful and sacred.

In this workshop, you will learn HOW to create content that magnetizes your soulmate client with ease. 

PLUS you receive bonuses to support your creation, clarity and healing that you cannot find ANYWHERE else.

Magnetic AF Content Workshop

Launch Your Healing Business Academy

A 3-month immersive experience for Healers who are ready to launch (or re-launch) their healing business and book their first (or next) 10 clients with ease.  

As Healers, we love nothing more than learning new healing modalities that can enhance our skills and improve our gifts. 


But when it comes for Healers to share these gifts and transform their hobby into a fully-fledged, successful business with consistent clients and income, it’s a struggle.

The missing link to bridge the gap between having the skills, gifts and abilities to heal and being able to create and build a sustainable business for you to be fairly compensated for these gifts.

Lanch Your Healing Biz Academy

Launch Your Healing Business with Ease Masterclass!

This is for you if you are a ​healer and you are ready to step off the hamster wheel of soul sucking marketing tactics that don't actually work and finally get your gifts and services out into the world (plus booking clients) with EASE.​

Healer, I know that you have POWERFUL AF gifts and abilities. 


I KNOW that you are here on a soul mission. 


I know that you have big goals and desires. 


It's time for you to get those gifts out into the world so you can FINALLY make the impact and income that your soul is craving.  

This is exactly why I created this masterclass.  

To support you in a simple yet soulful way so you can get your powerful services out into the world and finally live out your soul mission

Image by Bruno Souza
Launch Your Healing Business with Ease Masterclass!
Image by Neal E. Johnson

Journey To Your Soul

Empowering You to open the channel to your soul to learn to heal, overcome and RISE. 

You are going to learn what your triggers (including stress, overwhelm and anxiety) are truly telling you, how to go within, see what's coming up and shift into feeling better.  

Join me in the Journey to Your Soul to heal and take your power back.

Journey To Your Soul

Intuitive Quantum Healing Meditation Series

Guided meditations to go inward, take a break and start on a path to feeling ZEN AF.  


In this meditation series, I infused high vibration, intuitive quantum healing energy in addition to the beautiful guidance, clarity and calm you’ll discover in just 8-15 minutes.  


Each meditation is designed to build on one another to help you receive the calm and balance you desire.

Meditating in Nature
Intuitive Quantum Healing Meditation Series
Image by Artem Kovalev

Shift Your Mindset

Ever noticed the thoughts that pop up in your mind?  I call this the "inner mean girl".  Sometimes she has a lot of unhelpful and mean things to say. 

You're noticing the thoughts, understanding that they're not serving you but where do you begin to shift those thoughts and truly feel better?!

That's where I come in.  


I'm going to teach you how to shift and give you tools (some woo / spiritual based) to help you shift your mindset and ultimately feel better!

Let's do this!

Woo Woo 101 

Want to learn in depth of all things spirituality & “woo woo”? 


Exploring Spirituality shouldn’t feel overwhelming. I have taken the complexity of spirituality and simplified it for you.

Crystals, Meditation, Sage, 

Energy Protection, Manifesting, Inner Healing

Are you ready to be your best, more informed and Zen AF you?  


Let’s do it!

Image by Karly Jones
Woo Woo 101

Discover Quantum Reiki

Are you ready to learn the most powerful and innovative reiki healing available to date?  ​

Quantum Reiki is the full power and potential of all reiki styles.

Step into knowing:

  • What Quantum Reiki is

  • WHY it's the most powerful style of reiki in the world

  • How it's the easiest style to learn

  • How you can use it in your daily life

Become an internationally accredited Quantum Reiki Master in just 8 weeks!

Get Your Free Resources!

Check out some of my free resources to help you elevate your life!

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