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Meditating in Nature

Energy Healing Meditation Series

Guided meditations to go inward, take a break and start on a path to feeling ZEN AF.  


In this meditation series, I infused healing Reiki energy in addition to the beautiful guidance, clarity and calm you’ll discover in just 8-15 minutes.  


Each meditation is designed to build on one another to help you receive the calm and balance you desire.

Woo Woo 101 

Want to learn in depth of all things spirituality & “woo woo”? 


Exploring Spirituality shouldn’t feel overwhelming. I have taken the complexity of spirituality and simplified it for you.

Crystals, Meditation, Sage, 

Energy Protection, Manifesting, Inner Healing

Are you ready to be your best, more informed and Zen AF you?  


Let’s do it!

Image by Karly Jones

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