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Free Resources

Vibe higher and FEEL aligned af with these free resources to support you on your journey!

Launch Your Healing Business Guide

In this guide, you will learn:

  1. Who your soulmate client is so you can call them into your business and create content that speaks directly to them.

  2. How to create clear magnetic messaging and content so your soulmate clients know what you have to offer and will be ready to book ASAP

  3. How to package your services with pricing that feels supportive for you and is energetically aligned.

  4. Showing up with confidence so you can book those client sessions!

  5. Mindset and nervous system regulation so you can stay off the entrepreneurial rollercoaster and show up aligned and grounded.  


Money Mindset and manifestation tips so you while you're doing the 3d aligned strategy steps, you can call in your dreamy clients in the Quantum Field too!


A check list to support your process with journaling prompts to gain more clarity.

Healing the Witch Wound Workbook

In this workbook, you will learn:

  1. What exactly a witch wound is so you can easily identify them within yourself.  

  2. Top 5 signs you’re carrying a witch wound with full descriptions of what they mean and how they show up in your life and healing business.

  3. Journaling prompts that directly relate to the top 5 witch wounds so you can start the healing process and free yourself from the chains of lifetimes of the past.


Signs of imposter syndrome as a healer, how it shows up in your healing business and the actual truths behind these soul sucking beliefs.  


A checklist to support your healing process for your journaling prompts to dive deeper.

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Journaling Guide

This simple Journaling Guide includes:

  • My exclusive Journal to Heal Method™️ that have helped my 1:1 clients have HUGE breakthroughs

  • 7 Days of Journal Prompts to get you connected to your Soul

  • 5 simple tips to help you incorporate journaling into your life

  • Bonus my top ten Zen AF tips to help you put the brakes on daily stress

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Empath's Guide to Energy Protection

Being an Empath doesn't HAVE to be draining! It CAN be a super power!​

I have found several helpful ways to release the energy you're carrying and protect your energy so you can still give all the Empath love you have without draining yourself.

In this simple pdf, I've included 8 ways to

  • Release energy that you've picked up from others

  • Protect your energy from low frequencies

  • Release energy that's not serving you 

  • Simple smudging ritual using sage

  • Archangel Michael Protection Prayer

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Anxiety Release Guide

Release anxiety and calm the mind and body.  


This amazing guide is for you if you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed and you're ready to live your life more present and less stressed. 

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize when the anxiety attacks come on

  • Become aware of what you were thinking

  • Be aware of how your body is feeling when this happens

  • Take simple steps to take to calm your mind and come back to your body.

In this simple pdf, I’ve included 7 of my favorite simple ways that I calm anxiety so you can too! 

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Image by Samuel Austin

Woo Woo Basics

Want to learn the basics of crystals, meditation & saging but don’t know where to even begin? I’ve taken the complexity of spirituality for beginners and simplified it.

This FREE 16 page e-book includes: 

  • Crystal basics

  • Top 5 Crystals for beginners 

  • Meditation basics 

  • 5 simple steps to meditation

  • sage basics 

  • 3 step ritual to sage yourself and your home

  • Plus my journaling prompts pdf 

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