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My Services

Melt away limiting beliefs and doubts, gain clarity & Business EXPANSION through Spiritual Business Coaching, Intuitive Quantum Healing, Oracle Readings & More.

1:1 Spiritual Business Coaching for Healers

Expand your Healing Business to consistent $5-$10k Months using Soul Aligned Strategy, Elevating Your Mindset and Harmonizing Your Energy to Your Soul Mission.

This is for you if

  • You’re a healer who has a solid foundation built and ready to expand your business in a way that feels good and be abundantly paid for doing so

  • You're currently making $3-5k/mo, ready to scale to consistent $5k-10k months & have no clue how to get to that next level.

  • You know you're still playing it small and holding yourself back from the next level, not fully embodying your truest self

  • You know that it's only YOU that is stopping you from having your $5-$10k healing business and you’re ready to embrace your new elevated mindset

  • You have a great/solid foundation in your healing biz and need soulful systems in place (masculine structure to support the feminine flow)

  • You're in 1:1 session burnout and ready to create a high value program for time freedom and financial abundance

Are you ready to...

  • Be abundantly paid for your gifts

  • Have consistent paying soulmate clients in high value programs so you can finally ditch the 9-5 or live your life more in alignment with your soul

  • Create a library of offers that light you the fuck up

  • Grow your biz with ease creating soulful masculine structures to support more feminine flow online so you create more time freedom

Click the pink button below & DM me on Instagram with the word EXPANSION for more information about my 4 or 6 month 1:1 Spiritual Business Coaching for Healers

EXPANSION 1:1 Coaching

4-Week Mindset and Business intensive

Elevate your Soulful Business & Life with Clarity and Direction

In 1 month you will receive a customized experience for soulful strategy, upgrade your mindset, neutralize the energy that's not serving you (aka calm tf down) with subconscious reprogramming, and activate your spiritual gifts & abilities.

This is PERFECT for you if you're ready to take your business to the next income and impact level and want short term coaching with long term results.


You will step into your POWER as a Healer & Soulful Entrepreneur, own your gifts & magic and magnetize your soulmate clients.

Click the pink button below & DM me on Instagram with the words Soulful Biz for more information.

4-Week Intensive

Intuitive Reading Bundle for Healers

What you need to know about your healing business or personal healing journey right now (tailored to you) so you can​ gain clarity, guidance, direction and step more into your sovereignty.

These are 20 minute (pre-recorded) readings where I will use my psychic, intuitive abilities alongside Oracle Cards to relay to you what you need to know about your healing business or personal healing journey right now (tailored to you) so you can tap in and step more into your power.

  • This includes intuitive and psychic guidance as I connect to your spirit guides to learn what it is that you need to know right now as pertains to your healing business or personal healing journey. 

  • This comes to me through visuals, audible words/phrases/sentences, feelings and experiences.  

PLUS my 2 best selling classes to support you in stepping in your power, owning who you are and what you're here to do AND get your gifts out into the world

️🔥Magnetic AF Content Workshop
️🔥Healing the Witch Wound Masterclass


This is PERFECT if you want to see the power and magic of channelled gifts, activation and clarity combined from an intuitive and psychic business coach.

Intuitive Business Audit

A 45 minute recorded video feedback so you can see what I have discovered and explain it for you to make the changes and start signing up soulmate clients. It's yours to come back to whenever you need!



👉1 week private messaging access for integration and questions that will surface afterward - it's like having me on speed dial in your back pocket

For the Healer who feels stuck and stagnant and needs someone to come in and see where their blindspots are in their business so they can go from Hobby to Business that brings in $5-10k/month

This is perfect for you if you are new in the entrepreneur world and ready to take the next steps in your business

After working with Healers & Soulpreneurs around the world, I have found

You feel stuck and stagnant in your healing business like you're running in a hamster wheel and cannot gain traction you desire.


✨You're sharing content but no one is booking leaving you feeling defeated.


✨You want to make money while living your soul mission but you don't know what the missing pieces are.

Through the Intuitive Business Audit, you're going to

🚀Have more clarity in your business so you can finally start taking soul aligned action that gets you booking clients


🚀Turn your healing biz from a HOBBY to a BUSINESS so you can start making an income doing what you love


🚀Step into confidence in your pricing, services & offerings, IG bio and content so you can feel even more aligned with the work you do.

Click the pink button below to DM Christian 'Audit' for more information and to book!

Intuitive Busness Audit

1:1 Soulful Business Intensive

A 1:1  intensive to dive into the energetics, soulful strategy and mindset of your spiritual business that includes my highly intuitive abilities and activation to support your next steps and goals.

This is for you if:

✨you're ready to pivot and you're feeling confused on how to or where to even begin

🚀need clarity for launching a new program when it comes to magnetic messaging, discovering your soulmate client and putting together an aligned launch plan WITHOUT burnout

🔥desiring support for grounding ideas and bringing them to life so you can get them out into the world with fun, flow, play and ease

🎉taking steps to expand your spiritual business to the next level online so you can make the impact AND the income on the scale you know you're here to do

60 minutes or 90 minutes with 1-week private messaging for integration available.

It's my mission to empower you to have the clarity you need to take your next steps in your business in a way that feels fun, flowy and aligned AF coupled with feel good strategy.

This is PERFECT for you if you are looking for support and would rather dip your toes into my intuitive and soulful world of coaching.


I will be guiding you with tools to help you on your current path, shifting your mindset and neutralizing the energy and emotions that aren't serving you so you can show up in your POWER in your business.

Click the pink button to book now

Soulful Business Intensive

VIP Day for Soulpreneurs

Elevate your Soulful Business & Life with Clarity and Direction

Soulful Business Strategy Mindset & Subconscious Reprogramming, Energetics Mastery, Activation

3 hour VIP day to dive into what's aligned for you including:


  • Business Clarity & Soulful Strategy Mapping

  • Messaging clarity

  • IG bio clean up

  • Checking on current services & pricing for alignment

  • Includes subconscious reprogramming, mindset and energetics

  • Support with pivoting successfully


The VIP Day will be recorded so you can go back over our session and you will also receive any notes taken to review.


I also include: 


Private messaging support for 2 weeks for integration, questions, soulful strategy support and mindset shifting

Are you ready to Elevate your Soulful Biz and Life so you can start living out your soul mission with more clarity, direction, flow and peace? 

This is for you if you are a more seasoned soulpreneur and you're ready to take your business to the next level or if you're a new entrepreneur and you're serious about taking aligned action to expand your business.

DM Christian the words VIP Day by clicking the pink button below!



Oracle Card Readings

Needing clarity and guidance?  This is for you. 

Using Oracle cards, I help you with answers to your innermost questions. These questions are generally prophetic in nature and provide a glimpse or outlook into the future.  


Please know that you are welcome to come with one question you want guidance for during the oracle card reading. That said, your angels, guides and loved ones already know what they want to give you guidance on. What you need to know will come up during our reading and that will be the best reading.


Come with an open mind and heart, ready to receive. 

Image by Julia Arte

Intuitive Quantum Healing

Completely personalized Intuitive Quantum Healing with Reiki session with a full energetic alignment to help you feel clear and refreshed. 

Reiki is an energy healing method which promotes relaxation, stress reduction, and encourages healing.


The purpose of a Reiki session is to clear and balance the chakras, heal and release triggers, traumas and anything low vibration that's not serving your highest and best good.. Imbalanced chakras can manifest issues emotionally, spiritually, as well as physically. 


As a Reiki Master, Christian heals using several different healing modalities including Usui Reiki, 5D+ healing and soul aligned star seed healing.  This healing dives deep, working to a subconscious and cellular level, we're able to get to the root of the issues, traumas, anxieties and so much more.

30 minute and 60 minute sessions available.

Intuitive Quantum Healing
Oracle Card Reading
Image by Neal E. Johnson

Mind Body And Soul Subscription

Monthly Spiritual Package for the Soul to keep you uplifted, inspired and balanced.  

Spend 60 minutes a month with Christian to rejuvenate your soul.  

The 60 minutes can be used for Reiki, Oracle Card Readings or any combination of 2 services at a subscription discount from the regular prices and can be used any time during the month.

This membership will help you stay emotionally and spiritually balanced at a 10% - 37% discount from regular priced services!​​

Online Programs

Dive deeper into your practice with one of my online programs!  


You can find courses on Soulful Business Growth, Spirituality, Meditation, Self Healing and more to come!  Whether you’re completely new to spirituality or have been practicing for years, you can join me wherever you are.  


A lot of the content you will receive are created within a live video setting so you will get to experience the amazing energy in the comfort of your home.

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Online Prorams

Free Resources

Check out my free resources to help you elevate your life!

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