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Healing the Witch Wound Masterclass

Strip away all bullshit societal beliefs around being a Healer and heal the witch wounds so you can stop playing small and step into owning what you're here to do.


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Are you ready to Heal the Witch Wound? 

After working with many of healers, I’ve realized there’s a huge fear that holds them back.


A link that stops you frozen in fear and feeling as though something bad will 'happen' to you if you put your gifts out into the world

As Healers, we know that we have incredible gifts and abilities that are innate and at a soul level.

But when it comes for Healers to share these gifts and own their personal power and voice, it’s a struggle. 

The shift is needed.

The healing is required.

The liberation is demanded.


And this is why I created the Healing the Witch Wound Masterclass. 


The missing link to bridge the gap between having the skills, gifts and abilities to heal and being able to create and build a sustainable business for you to be fairly compensated for these gifts.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You know you're a healer and yet you're frozen in the witch wounds, afraid of judgement or what might happen if you use your voice and share your gifts.

  • You've seen brilliant women go before you and be judged so you tell yourself it's safer to stay hidden and small.  Yet you know the world needs to your gifts.

  • You may have an irrational fear of anything witchy.  Things like Tarot/Oracle Cards, energy healing, spirits or anything metaphysical scare you and make you feel SO uncomfortable and you literally have no clue why.

  • You struggle with speaking your truth. You have a hard time standing up for yourself, speaking your opinion and sharing your witchiness and abilities.  If you were a witch and were persecuted and killed for it, it would make sense that you would struggle with the fear of sharing your gifts with the world.

  • You have a fear of fire (or water).  Sure fire is dangerous. Yes, we are taught to be safe with it. But what if you have taken that to a whole different level with a fear you simply cannot explain?  As for fear of water, ever heard of the swimming test during the Salem Witch Trials? It's possible if your fear of water isn't explained that you could have been a victim of this test in a past life.

  • You may be super drawn to witchy things in this lifetime.  Completely opposite of being afraid of all things witchy, you're actually DRAWN to them. Things like the metaphysical, crystals, spell casting, spirits. Maybe you're drawn to herbalism, energy healing, you're a psychic/medium, etc.

  • Uncomfortable around women & have a hard time connecting with them.  I feel like this one isn't commonly discussed. Like it's 'normal' for us to repel against each other as women. Women were turned against each other to protect themselves from getting burned at the stake or accused of being a witch.

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What if this could be your reality instead… 

  • Feeling confident and able to speak powerfully about your gifts and abilities without hesitation or fear of judgement

  • Show up fully, unapologetically, authentically in your business so you can attract YOUR soulmate clients - this is the secret to success that no one talks about

  • Able to sell your services with confidence, clarity and conviction. No more hiding away from your gifts, the price or shying away from socials.

  • Clear the energetics and patterns showing up in your life so you can finally step off the hamster wheel and be EMPOWERED.

  • Say peace the fuck out to imposter syndrome and stand in the knowingness of your truest potential & sovereignty. 

Click the button above to join now! Only $11.11



👉🏻 “I booked FOUR clients with my brand new Instagram and only talking about reiki a few times!”  - Elizabeth 


👉🏻 “I booked my first clients within 6 days of completing my certification program” - Chandni 


👉🏻 “I continue to book 1:1 clients and easily launched my group reiki session even while buying a house, tending to my 3 young kid’s needs and moving off the Army post into our new home!” - Erica 

👉🏻 “I have a marketing background and I have never heard marketing taught this way. Fun, creative, simple and innovative” - AJ


👉🏻 “Christian is such a FUN teacher. She makes things easy to understand and is very supportive” - Carrie

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Heal the Witch Wound Masterclass

Strip away all bullshit societal beliefs around being a Witch and Healer

In This Masterclass We Cover: