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Intuitive Quantum Healing

Experience your FULL potential of life with a personalized intuitive quantum healing with reiki session.

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1:1 Intuitive Quantum Healing with Reiki Sessions

Reiki is delivered during the session to you through non-invasive, light touch or via distance healing. Through these methods, I am able to identify energetic imbalances within your chakras, balance and clear any blockages at a subconscious and cellular level.

As a Reiki Master and healer, I provide a combination of healing styles including a personally channelled soul aligned healing to provide an exclusive experience just for you.

My technique is deep healing diving into the cellular level and subconscious mind and clear it out.  I focus on chakras that are tied to your intuition, anxieties, thought patterns, fears, unresolved memories, repressed emotions, habits, and so much more.

Intuitive Quantum Healing with Reiki is available via distance session. 


As a bonus, I will email you a beautiful pdf with a summary of everything I did for you as well as what I saw, heard, felt and experienced (if anything) plus crystal suggestions, journal prompts to help you on your path.  This typically gets sent out within 3-5 business days.  

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Group Intuitive Reiki

Experience the FULL power of reiki with Intuitive Reiki. Release anxiety, stress, low vibration feelings that are weighing you down.

It's just about time you truly feel AMAZING and heal at a deep level once and for all. Don't you agree? (This is where you nod your head yes 😘)

🔥We are healing you at the ROOT of the issues.

💃Releasing the gunk stored in the body.


Benefits include (not limited to) :

🔥Release Negative Energy

🔥Clearer connection with higher self & source

🔥Shines light on the shit that's no longer serving you

🔥Sleep better

🔥Regulates the nervous system


Ready to experience it (or get re-aligned)?


Join me for a 30 minute group Intuitive reiki healing session.


To view FAQ, scroll to the bottom of this page or click here.

To view some testimonials, click here.


Intuitive Quantum Healing FAQ

Reiki FAQ


Reiki Testimoials

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