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Stripped Away: The Rising Phoenix

Hidden Healer to HERE THE F*CK I AM HEALER

Step into becoming an unapologetic, authentic and unstoppable healer who owns their gifts, uniquely forges their own path, and isn’t afraid to take up space in the healing and business world


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It’s time to rise from the ashes… 

Do any of these sound familiar to you?


  • You know you're a healer and yet you're frozen in the witch wounds, afraid of judgment or what might happen if you use your voice and share your gifts.

  • ​You're stopping yourself from showing up in your power because you feel you don't "fit the mold" of what a healer is "supposed to" be.

  • Imposter syndrome stops you in your tracks wondering who the fuck am I to share this ability? Will anyone even believe I can do this?!

  • You're not being true to yourself and others, feeling like you're living two different lives.

  • You often sit down and 'obey' so you don't rock the boat because that's what 'good girls' do.

  • You're playing it small with charging too little for your gifts and abilities (or afraid to even put yourself out there in the first place!).

What if this could be your reality instead… 

🔥Heal the Imposter syndrome so you can step into your worth and POWER

🔥Heal the Witch/Healer wounds so you can OWN your gifts and magic


🔥Clear the 'good girl' energy and step into your right of being a woman and what that means for you


🔥Understand the divine feminine and divine masculine energies, balance them and use them to your advantage


🔥Activate your soul & spiritual gifts & enhance the gifts that you know you have

🔥Show up fully, unapologetically, authentically in your power in your business to fully connect with your soulmate clients - this is the secret to success that no one talks about


🔥Clear the energetics and patterns showing up in your life so you can finally step off the hamster wheel and be EMPOWERED


🔥Say peace the fuck out to imposter syndrome and rise from the flames in your truest potential & sovereignty.

Click the pink button and get on the waitlist now for $500 off enrollment when doors open 2024!



The Rising Phoenix is a 5 month intimate and transformational experience where you can anticipate the following: 


  • 3 group coaching calls/mo to cut through the bullsh*t to motivate, inspire and support you to take divine, aligned action

  • Group Voxer (voice messaging app) support. You’ll have me in your back pocket and on tap to guide you when you feel stuck, challenge you when you’re playing small and celebrate your successes as you rise 

  • Private Facebook Group Community with like-minded healer souls embarking on the same journey- your own personal cheerleaders!


Plus HEAPS of added bonuses including: 


  • Industry-leading expert sessions on topics including mindset, divine feminine and being a stand-out spiritual leader in business 

  • Personalized guided meditations to target the subconscious mind and regulate your nervous system so making difficult decisions becomes not only comfortable, but the norm

  • Unique journaling prompts designed to heal ancestral wounds and bring forth your goals, dreams and desires into consciousness and your current reality 


Not forgetting my hot-off-the-press, exclusive NEW healing modality that YOU will get to experience during our intimate Group Intuitive Quantum Healing sessions. 


The fun part? 


I’m still channeling and playing with what I want this to be called and this isn’t something that I offer publicly… YET. 


But what I know for sure is that this high-vibration healing modality GETS results for my clients and has been getting results for the last 25+ months.

Click the pink button and get on the waitlist now for $500 off enrollment when doors open 2024!

And that’s not all… 

I’m also qualified in two healing practices that are taking the online space by STORM that we will be using on this experience together…


Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)


A form of psychotherapy created by Dr Jon Connelly designed to neutralize trauma *without* having to relive the pain of the experience. The beauty of this modality is that it does the job and it does the job FAST, accessing subconscious thoughts, emotions and beliefs before neutralizing them once and for all. 


Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)


Founded in psychological theory, this powerful method can transform behavior by targeting your thoughts, feelings and emotions with a focus, especially on language. 

Click the pink button and get on the waitlist now for $500 off enrollment when doors open 2024!

The Rising Phoenix

Strip Away all the bs limiting beliefs and Step into your POWER as a Healer

Over the next 5 months, we will be focusing on these KEY areas together: