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Welcome To And She Rises

It has become my mission to empower you to rise from the ashes, heal and elevate your life, and shine light on your worth. Join me on this incredible journey as you step your power and OWN who you are and what you're here to do.


Hey! I'm Christian!

My name is Christian Jones and I'm a Healer and Spiritual Business Coach for Healers. 


I found out that I can truly RISE through the ashes of life. It hasn’t always been like this though. You see, I’m an overcoming people pleaser and perfectionist. I have fought through depression, anxiety and some really tough shit.  ​It was through my awakening that I understood my souls abilities and stepped into my POWER, owning my truth and what I'm here to do.


Now?  I help healers strengthen their intuitive abilities, magnetize clients & amplify their business. 

It has become my mission to empower YOU to rise from the ashes, too. I believe that healers and lightworkers need support too!  I am going to help you heal and elevate your life, shine light on your worth, activate from within and shed layers into who you truly are through Reiki Healing and Spiritual Business Coaching for Healers.  We will do this using soulful strategy and spiritual tools and guidance so you can live out your soul mission while making an income.

I can't wait to help you do this! Let's dive in!


My Services

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How to leave a podcast review for The Un/Tamed Healer



The Un/Tamed Healer

Consider this podcast the grounded, re-vamped, unapologetic spiritual school.  The Spiritual School for the Un/Tamed Healer  to create a life and spiritual business that finally sets your soul FREE

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