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About Me

Learn more about me and how I started living the life I desire!


Hey!  I'm Christian!

My name is Christian Jones and I’m a military wife, boy mom and found out that I can truly RISE through the ashes of life. It hasn’t always been like this though. You see, I’m an overcoming people pleaser and perfectionist. I have fought through depression, 
anxiety and some really tough shit.  ​


It has become my mission to empower YOU to rise from the ashes, too. To heal and elevate your life, shine light on your worth, activate from within and shed layers into who you truly are through inspiration, real life guidance, Intuitive Reiki Healing and Spiritual Business Coaching for Healers.

Why I Started And She Rises

My whole life I looked to others for answers.  I asked what I needed to do and did it. You say jump, I ask “how high”. I was always waiting for others to guide my way and for awhile that brought me success, but I was burnt out. My marriage was suffering, I felt unfulfilled, and I was never present. Honestly, I was just so fucking exhausted and I was desperate for another way.  


At first I learned about meditating and would dabble in it now and then. That led to my curiosity in crystals. Followed by learning the cyclical nature of women and how we sync with the phases of the moon. Before I knew it, I began using my crystals, oracle cards and meditating daily. I also started journaling and getting out into nature more. This started bringing up questions. One that came up everyday was, “What do I need today?”

And everything began to come together  

I saw a psychic medium in October 2018 and a doorway opened. With my 1st Reiki healing session the following month, everything aligned. I finally let go of what everyone said I should do and decided that, though I was scared, it was important to truly trust my inner guidance and follow what I know feels true to me.  This led me to finally getting out of my own way, becoming a Reiki Master and offering reiki healing sessions (group and 1:1), Oracle Card Readings as well as Spiritual Life and Business Coaching.

So why am I sharing this with you today?

Because I want you to know you can finally let go too. It’s my mission to give you the tools to have not just outward success but inward success to grow, change and evolve in a way that feels good and authentic to you. From what you know to be true from within, trusting your inner guidance and staying in your flow. I’m here to empower you to stand in your knowingness and live your best live, unapologetically.  

This is where we go deep

If you are ready to reawaken and start to learn how to let go, join my email list. I send a weekly-ish email where I will help you overcome the shit that holds you back from living your best life, unapologetically.

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