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Mind Body Soul Subscription

Monthly Spiritual Package for the Soul to keep you uplifted, inspired and balanced.


Mind Body and Soul

This membership will help you stay emotionally and spiritually balanced helping you release stress, anxiety, overwhelm and so much more.  


Spend 60 minutes a month with Christian to rejuvenate your soul. The 60 minutes can be used for Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ Healing Sessions, Oracle Card Readings or any combination of 2 services.


The 60 minutes can be used any time throughout the month.


This subscription is priced at a 10% - 37% discount from regular priced services to help you get your mind, body and soul in balance throughout each month regularly. 

As a recurring membership service, you are committing to a minimum of 2 months.  You may cancel your membership any time beyond the 2 months.  Although, you won't want to!

If you're looking for coaching, please see my ongoing Spiritual Business Coaching program to help you dive deeper in your healing journey.​

Booking Options

1:1 Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ Session

Full Spread Oracle Card Reading

Mini Spread Oracle Card Reading

Combination of Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ and Oracle Card Reading


Ready To Start?

Click Sign Up to begin your monthly spiritual maintenance and healing.

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