Oracle Card Reading

Everything you need will come to you in divine timing.

Full spread 7 Cards sent via email : $55

- - 1 payment of $55 or 2 payments of $27.50.


Mini Readings 3 Cards sent via email: $30



What Sets Christian Apart? 

✨As I connect with your energy for your Oracle Card Reading session, I also receive guidance from your angels, guides and loved ones.  Whatever comes through for you in addition to the Oracle Card Reading itself, I share with you.  Often times this is a presence of an energy that's with you, guidance for next steps on your path or situation, visuals and images, colors, certain feelings, etc.  I can never guarantee what will come through and how much information but whatever does, I leave it all with you so you can have it to help you on your path.  Think Spiritual Life Coaching + Oracle Card Reading rolled into one.

✨I also include a breakdown of the crystals I used for your reading as well as their meanings so if you're feeling called to add them to your collection, you can look them up too!

✨Once the session is complete, I send you a full email with  a pdf that includes a full description of the guidance I received for you of each card as well as a picture of the oracle cards with the crystals I used.  In the email & pdf I will also share with you anything I saw, heard, felt and experienced so you have it for your knowledge and path.

What is an Oracle Card Reading?

I connect with your angels, spirit guides and loved ones using Oracle Cards to provide a glimpse into what message they are trying to relay to you.  


✨Using Oracle cards, I help you with answers to your innermost questions. These questions are generally prophetic in nature and provide a glimpse or outlook into the future.  Please know that you are welcome to come with one question you want guidance for during the oracle card reading. That said, your angels, guides and loved ones already know what they want to give you guidance on. What you need to know will come up during our reading and that will be the best reading. Come with an open mind and heart, ready to receive. 


✨An Oracle Card Reading is designed to give you advanced guidance on topics in life; Career, Finances, Personal Growth, Love, and more.  

How Does It Work?

✨What I will do is I focus on your question at hand pulling in all your intentions into this reading, connect with your guides through meditative breathing and vision and choose your card/s with the support of your guides.  I will then review over the card listening for guidance from your team of angels and guides and relay that information back to you.  


✨Each card offers insight into the answer to the original question.  

What can I ask? 

✨When we do the reading, you can come prepared with one question or we can go based on what your angels, guides and loved ones want you to know in your current life circumstances.  It's ok if you don't have a question, maybe you just want guidance and that's great too!  Your guides will direct the reading and that will be the best for you!

✨I personally don't need to know that questions you have, your angels, guides and loved ones already know. Everything is channelled through me into the reading with the cards.  

Who is this for? 

✨Anyone wanting guidance in their lives.

How do we meet for the Reading? 

✨ The readings are done via email.  You will book the time for your reading and I will email you typically within 2 hours after I complete your reading.  You do not have to be present for the reading, I will do it and email you during your scheduled time

What do I receive? 

✨Readings receive a pdf of the guidance received and the picture of the cards I was guided to pull on your behalf.  

✨ Anything else that I see, hear, feel and experience for you and messages I receive for you I will also include.


✨Full 7 Card Spread sent via email

  • 60 minutes - one spread : $55

✨Mini 3 Card Spread sent via email

  • 30 Minutes - one spread: $30

How To Book A Reading?

✨To book your Full Spread, click here

✨To book your Mini Spread, click here


✨We focus on possible outcomes as well as examining influences related to the issue at hand, influences a person might not even be aware of before the reading. Thus arming you with additional information so that you may make more informed choices to a form a better future. It is another avenue of research, so to speak, and should not be seen as coming with any guarantee of ultimate outcomes.


 **Nothing is set in stone, Christian does not give guarantees on any reading. Client accepts all responsibility with the information provided to them by scheduling a appointment. Oracle readings are meant to be used for entertainment purposes only. Oracle Readings are nonrefundable, and are not offered follow-ups.



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