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Set Your Soul on FIRE

Step into a (free) 30 minute portal and raise your frequency where you literally won't come out the same ❤️‍🔥


Welcome to Our Journey of 1000 Heart Beats

Free 30 Minute Experience where you're going to step into a portal and we're going to ignite 1000 Healers, raise the frequency of the planet and change the world together


Come to this experience to wake yourself tf up again and set your soul on fire


You're a reiki healer, tarot card reader or healer and you're feeling like you're hiding.


And it's TIME.


It's time to remember WHO TF YOU ARE and what you're here to do with your gifts


When you step out of this portal you will never be the same


Immediate access upon signing up

Welcome to the Healer's World Tour

I’m Christian, your Healing Leader, Spiritual Mentor for Healers and creator of Quantum Illumination Reiki™ï¸


It's my mission to raise the frequency of the planet and help healers step into their power so we can do it together


I like to walk the talk: 


  • Had an attempt of being "cancelled" online and rose from the ashes in my mf'n POWER

  • Helped over 200 women heal through a combination of Reiki and coaching

  • Taught 50+ students Reiki all over the world in my reiki certification program. 

  • Strengthen my own gifts and abilities through healing work using my Grounded Spiritual Approach of spiritual tools, energetics mastery, energy healing and subconscious reprogramming 

  • Been mentored and healed by incredible healers and mentors across the world so you can benefit too


The truth is…I embody tf out of the work I teach as I set YOUR soul on FIRE and I know when you walk away, you will rise above the flames in your POWER too.

Soul On Fire


My headache was gone without a trace almost as soon as I got started. I had taken all my medication and none of it had worked. Also, it worked on my husband and his headache as well!


I could actually feel the tingling move from my left had to my right hand. Then when I placed them on my heart, it was like it soaked into my body and my hands stopped! I'm just blown away at the simplicity!


I did reiki and within minutes, it went from a pounding, crushing headache to dull. I saw the energy once I placed my hands on my third eye.


There have been a few triggers that are coming up. I could work through them without the fear of losing people/abandonment.


I've experienced with (learning) Reiki:

fewer and shorter last migraines/headaches, better rest, helped my toddler ease allergy coughing fits.


My energy summoned itself! And then guided me where it wanted to go. It was SO cool!


Sent (Reiki) healing energy to my mother who had been diagnosed with 'rona and not 30 minutes after I sat in this energy for her, she was able to eat and get up and has since been on the mend!


[A big win for me was] being able to call on the love energy and move out anxiety that crept in.


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