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Melt Away Imposter Syndrome

Like a crackling fire for your soul and a slow drip for your nervous system.


Lean back while I melt away the imposter syndrome so you can get step into your confidence & badassery in biz.


FREE through 9/24 *ONLY*

$47 thereafter

Are you ready to Melt Away Imposter Syndrome?

There’s a voice inside your head that stops you in your tracks and has you frozen in fear every time you even think about showing up online or sharing your gifts and abilities.


You have a deep knowingness that you’re here to make an impact, to leave the world a better place than you found it when you arrived and yet every time you go to open your mouth and share, it feels like someone is going to figure out you’re a fraud.


Thoughts creep into your your head that say: 

Who am I to say I can actually deliver the healing and abilities I have?!


I need 'just one more' certificate to prove I can do this!


Who am I to charge THAT for my services and abilities?


I'm too young for people to take me seriously.


I'm too old to start a new business


Who am I to lead/heal others when I still have a lot to heal myself?!


Who am I to be wealthy or successful when I'm here to help people?!

After working with Healers across the world, I know with 100% certainty that you are not alone.  


I also know without a shadow of a doubt that the imposter syndrome that you’re feeling can be melted away so you can step into your confidence of your gifts, abilities and what you’re here to do.


You don’t have to see that for you though.


See it through MY eyes while you lean back and let me replace the fears that are stopping you with the passion to make an impact burning from within.  


Like a retreat for the mind and soul and a slow drip for your nervous system, I am going to melt away imposter syndrome in a way that you have NEVER seen or experienced before

Tell me if this sounds like you?

You wonder things like: 


Will anyone believe what I’m doing is actually real?

Which is stopping you in your tracks from getting started in the first place or from putting new offers/services out into the world that you KNOW in your heart and soul your soulmate clients NEED.

Am I even qualified to deliver this (reiki/tarot/insert amazing ability you have)?

Fear of not knowing if you are even able to deliver your healing or service in a way it's received which energetically blocks clients from flowing to you.

Low-balling your pricing on what you have to offer and what you're providing to your clients and the collective.

Which leaves you feeling energetically drained and not abundantly supported financially.

Placing energetic limitations on yourself that you have to reach a 'certain age' to have your gifts and abilities actually help those who you're meant to support.

Stopping yourself from getting your gifts out into the world due to being 'unhealed' or needing to do ‘more healing’.

It's VITAL for Healers to heal themselves and get support through healing, 100% YES. We can only take our clients as deep and high as we take ourselves.  


However, you're missing a huge opportunity for growth and an increase in capacity for yourself if you’re waiting to be ‘fully healed’ (whatever that even means anyway).

Giving your gifts, abilities, energy and services away for free. 

Leaving you feeling drained and a lack of financial abundance. 


Who says you cannot help people, give where it feels good to give, charge where it feels good to charge and be abundantly supported so you can give big in so many other ways?!


This masterclass is the perfectly timed slow drip for your nervous system and IGNITE for the soul.


Let me be the one to clear the fears, ignite your confidence and personal power and remind you that there’s a better way.


I got you.

free through 9/24 only

Then just $47


This Masterclass will be like a retreat for the Mind, Body & Soul

You will move forward feeling crystal clear, having access to more intuition, soul gifts and power in places that felt like a dark closet hiding in fear.


If you are ready to move forward in your power, then you’re ready for Melt Away Imposter Syndrome Masterclass


We are going to speed things up for you.  


What once felt like pressure and fear like a balloon about to explode, will become light as a feather and excitement that cannot be contained even if you tried.


No longer will you have one foot in the healer closet and one foot out of the healer closet trying to figure out if it’s safe to be seen or heard.

Click the button above to join and get immediate access now!

Like your Healer Fairy Goddess Mother, I am going to wave my magic wand and banish all the sources of empowerment impurities that have been clogging up your soul’s most potent and powerful tool in this human experience…
your mind.

Look, it’s not enough to JUST take a spiritual and energetic approach to healing…

You are a high vibrating soul having a HUMAN experience…


This means the unconscious mind cannot be bypassed.  

We GET to take a spiritual, energetic AND grounded approach to healing and clearing.


Your {unconscious AND conscious} mind requires a detox just as your body does.


In this masterclass, we are going to dive right into the root of what is currently holding you back in a FUN, light and extremely fast way.  


I’ve worked with hundreds of Healers across the world throughout my years in this industry that gotten *insane* results with my gifts & abilities + coaching experience and training.  


The combination of the RRT perspective WITH that? Mind. BLOWING.


No more being held back from imposter syndrome. 


No more hiding in the healer closet.

Click the button above to join for FREE through 9/24

just $47 after that.

Image by Joshua Newton
Image by Sierra Koder

Testimonials when asking my clients to access the Imposter Syndrome feeling

👉🏻 I can’t access it  - Mona 


👉🏻 i don't remember - Daisy 


👉🏻 I literally, can't even remember at all what it was - Annonymous 

👉🏻 its like static cant connect - Moji


👉🏻 I feel lighter, freer, less stressed and no anxiety - Maria

Click the button above to join for FREE through 9/24 only


Melt Away Imposter Syndrome Masterclass

Lean back while I melt away the imposter syndrome so you can get step into your confidence & badassery in biz.

In This Masterclass We Cover: 

What is imposter syndrome?

Including how it shows up in your life and in your healing business so you are aware of how it has been showing up.

4 Ways to take your power back

and free yourself from Imposter Syndrome once and for all which will also include unconscious drops to move you forward right away.

Transformational Accelerators

Diving into all possibilities to shift and rewire your mind and feelings to how things have been to alignment using the RRT Perspective

Bonus Content

Private Audio Feed

You'll be provided video AND private audio feed access so you can listen on the go from a private podcast link any time.

Unconscious level breakthroughs and shifts using the RRT (Rapid Resolution Therapy) perspective created by Dr. Jon Connelly (scroll for more info about RRT)

Masterclass Information

LIVE experience with replay available. 

RRT perspective with unconscious level breakthroughs and shifts

An exclusive membership portal with unlimited access for lifetime of the masterclass 

Private Podcast Feed access to listen on the go anytime with ease.

Melt Away Imposter Syndrome Masterclass

Lean back while I melt away the imposter syndrome so you can get step into your confidence & badassery in biz.

FREE through 9/24 only

Just $47 thereafter


I Live and Breathe this.

I’m Christian, a Spiritual Business Coach for Healers and a Reiki Master.  

It's my mission to help healers, lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs to strengthen their gifts, transcend their business and help their clients expand further.  

I like to walk the talk: 


  • Helped over 100 women heal through a combination of Intuitive Reiki and coaching

  • Taught 50+ students Reiki all over the world in an internationally accredited certification program. 

  • Strengthen my own gifts and abilities through healing work 

  • Continued to raise my consciousness through healing myself

  • Bachelors of Science in Marketing with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing.

  • Been mentored and healed by incredible healers and mentors across the world so you can benefit too


The truth is…


→ I KNOW how to do advance healing work

→ I have trained in RRT and various coaching modalities to provide the clearing and shifts 

→ I have implemented these healings into my personal life and business to maximize my business and income. 

→ I know how to support women to do the same


And I have the education, experience and skill set to support you with these things too.

Always growing, always shifting, always evolving. 


Let's Melt...

What exactly IS Rapid Resolution Therapy (RRT)


A form of psychotherapy created by Dr Jon Connelly designed to neutralize trauma *without* having to relive the pain of the experience. The beauty of this modality is that it does the job and it does the job FAST, accessing subconscious thoughts, emotions and beliefs before neutralizing them once and for all. 

Melt Away Imposter Syndrome {as a Healer} Masterclass is a combination of spirituality AND RRT perspective to shift and neutralize imposter syndrome so you can get your badass gifts out into the world and make the impact we KNOW you’re here to make

Launch Your Healing Business Academy FAQ

Melt Away Imposter Syndrome Masterclass

Lean back while I melt away the imposter syndrome so you can get step into your confidence & badassery in biz.

FREE through 9/24

just $47 thereafter

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