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Journey To Your Soul Course

Empowering You to open the channel to your soul to learn to heal, overcome and RISE.


Healing and Personal Power begins here.

The journey to your soul begins by taking the first step.

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3.5 hours of content 

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In This Course We Cover: 

The Power Of Journaling

In this video I will cover: What journaling is (and what it’s “not”), simple steps to begin journaling, fears that come up around journaling, my journal to heal method. I will also talk about the facts from Harvard and other studies on how journaling can help you heal.

Overcoming, Seeing & Shifting

You’re going to learn how to overcome your struggles, see things differently and shift your energy to feel good now.  Just because you’re on a very brave and beautiful healing journey doesn’t mean you have to continue to feel low vibration.  I’m going to teach you how to shift and how to feel even just a little better at any given moment.

Triggers, anxiety & overwhelm

These 3 things are trying to tell you something.  So often we KNOW that we’re feeling triggered, anxious, stressed and overwhelmed but instead of honoring it and acknowledging it, we sweep them under the rug and just push past the feelings that are coming up.  I’m going to teach you how to begin seeing these things within yourself and take steps to honor you in the most loving way.

Asking for Signs: Clarity

Sometimes an important part of healing is following the signs to give you clarity.  You’re going to learn HOW to ask for signs and how to get mental clarity on situations you’re needing it on.

What is the past telling you about today?

Things manifest themselves over and over again until we pull back the covers to look at it.  It can be tough to look at some of the things that we’ve gone through in the past but this also gives us a key to unlock a door and walk into healing.

Taking back your power

You’re here, you’re doing it.  Know that it’s ok to still have life situations come up and it’s completely normal!  You know how to shift.  You now know it’s fully ok to sit in the mud.  I’m going to teach you the power in taking that power back.

Bonus Content

FREE Journaling 101 PDF + my top ZEN AF tips to help you stay centered, grounded and still feel HUMAN on your spiritual journey.

FREE New Moon + Full Moon rituals I perform each month to help me stay grounded, centered and focused in my life. 

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6 Videos with 3.5 hours of content PLUS 2 Bonuses, Private FB Group

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