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Woo Woo 101

Want to learn in depth of all things spirituality & “woo woo”?

Crystals, Meditation, Smudging, Energy Protection, Manifesting and Inner Healing.  I GOT YOU


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Exploring Spirituality Should Be Fun!

You are SO excited to explore all things woo woo and yet when you hit up Google it leaves you feeling overwhelmed.   

There’s SO much information out there, right?!

  • How to meditate and the right or wrong way to do it.  

  • Purchasing sage and then fearing you’re going to do it wrong or bring in the “wrong energies”

  • Wanting to use crystals but having no idea HOW or the where to begin.  

  • Moon cycles and HOW to do rituals

  • Journaling and WHERE to begin


I have been where you are.  Wanting to learn the ins and outs of spirituality and all things woo, already feeling overwhelmed from life and desperate to find something to help me.  

I figured it out.

Let me simplify it for you.

I'm Christian!  Your Spiritual BFF!

I'm a crystal loving, nature adoring, inward learning, moon obsessed mama of 2 boys and an angel as well as an US Air Force wife. 

My spiritual awakening truly began in late 2017 and when I began to "see", I dove all in to learn more about the spiritual realm and all things woo woo including what you are about to learn and MORE.

I learned how it could help me better my life and the world around me. And when I fully stepped out of the "woo woo closet", I realized there's so many more out there like you and I who are curious and want to learn too!

I'm honored and excited to be able to be the light on your path to YOUR spiritual awakening. 


Complex Woo Woo.

Exploring Spirituality shouldn’t feel overwhelming. Let me simplify it for you.

In This Course We Cover: 


HOW to choose a crystal & use them, setting intentions, where to place them, credible places to purchase and my top resources for more knowledge.


Free gifts? Meals? Money showing up? YES PLEASE! I will teach you the beginner’s guide on HOW to manifest—where to begin and how to have FUN with it!

Protecting Energy

Why it’s important to protect your energy and HOW to protect your energy which includes the use of crystals (which ones to use), saging and palo Santo.


What is it, why you want to use it, where to find it plus HOW to use it to remove negative energy on your body and in your home! I’ll also share with you a few fav alternatives to sage!


Further knowledge on meditation, what and how to meditate, what you may experience and my favorite resources to help you get started!

Going Inward

In a society that is on the go and recognized for hustle, I will teach you the importance of going within, slowing down and listening to YOUR inner self.

Bonus Content

FREE Journaling 101 PDF + my top ZEN AF tips to help you stay centered, grounded and still feel HUMAN on your spiritual journey.

FREE New Moon + Full Moon rituals I perform each month to help me stay grounded, centered and focused in my life. 

Course Information

6 Videos

2 bonuses to support deeper healing, understanding and tapping into moon energy

3.5 hours of content 

Lifetime of the program access at your fingertips in your private member dashboard

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Ready to Explore Your Spirituality?


6 Videos with 3.5 hours of content PLUS 2 Bonuses, Private FB Group

Payment plans available at checkout.

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