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Becoming H.E.R.

2 Week Minimind to become the embodiment of the Woman/Healer who has it ALL.

Coaching begins 7/1/24-7/14/24


It's time to become HER

Let me guess...this is you


👉Desiring to be the embodiment of who you know you're here to be but sliding back into the healer closet


👉Being the door mat, people pleasing and saying yes to shit you really want to say no to


👉Finding yourself in the same thought & energetic patterns that you thought you fcking cleared already


👉Living in past lives, afraid to be seen, doing what you're told Your soul was made for MORE.


You're not lost, it's simply the programming from well meaning adults or even karmic patterns which can absolutely cleared.


It's time to step into the SOUL ESSENCE of who you are

Here's what we will cover…

2 Week experience for Healers to strip away the energy & thoughts keeping you playing small so you can step into the woman and healer you KNOW you're here to be as you elevate into the soul essence of who you are

You are going to journey together with me through becoming HER


❤️‍🔥The woman who envision yourself to be with the live and business of your DREAMS. It's becoming your reality NOW.

(5) pre-recorded audios with tangible aligned action (journaling, subconscious reprogramming and more) to move you forward and UP in your power covering:

Audio 1: Hardwired Programming: Mind- looking at how things have been dead in the eyes.  You have been a badass at doing the inner work and spiritual work.  This time, instead of just diving down the rabbit hole to clear the triggers & fears - we are going to see it and see that YOU had the power all along.


Audio 2: Energetic Thought & Emotional PatternsNow that you see the triggers and what's not serving you, neutralizing tf out of those - we're stepping into what patterns had been showing up in your life and closing energetic leaks so that you can magnetize the current reality of your dreams


Audio 3: Harness into Your SoulWhen you move out what is no longer aligned, you make space for your desires and deep clarity.  This day we're going to  getting clear on what you *really* want, dropping the how and getting SUPER clear on your desires, unapologetically, in a way that you've never seen done before.


Audio 4: Embodiment of the Healer & Woman you KNOW you're here to beYou’ve light the match and poured the gasoline on who it is that isn’t serving you anymore, waved sayonara, now you’re going to embody the version of you who is ready to set your SOUL ON FIRE 


Audio 5: Rising: Owning it Unapologetically Let's RISE in your MF'N POWERAll your steps led to this moment right here, OWN IT energy.  I'll spill all the potion (er um...tea) on exactly HOW to embody the next version of you EVERY SINGLE DAY regardless of what is going on in your 3d reality. 

BONUS: (3) group coaching calls where we will integrate through doing live subconscious and energetic healing & clearing and anchor in the audio lessons even deeper.

BONUS #2: private messaging app with access to community and Christian through the 2 weeks together to integrate each of the lessons, get coached and take aligned action together

Let's RISE in your MF'N POWER

Click the button above to join now for only $222

We begin 7/1

Image by Jared Subia
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👉🏻 “I booked FOUR clients with my brand new Instagram and only talking about reiki a few times!”  - Elizabeth 


👉🏻 “I booked my first clients within 6 days of completing my certification program” - Chandni 


👉🏻 “I continue to book 1:1 clients and easily launched my group reiki session even while buying a house, tending to my 3 young kid’s needs and moving off the Army post into our new home!” - Erica 

👉🏻 “I have a marketing background and I have never heard marketing taught this way. Fun, creative, simple and innovative” - AJ


👉🏻 “Christian is such a FUN teacher. She makes things easy to understand and is very supportive” - Carrie

Join now for only $27!

Becoming HER

2 Week Minimind to become the embodiment of the Woman/Healer who has it ALL.

In This Minimind We Cover: 

Hardwired Programming: Mind

Looking resistance dead in the fcking eyes, naming it, following it and releasing it as you birth into the badass version of you you’re ready to be

Embodiment of who you're here to be

Now you’re going to embody the version of you who is ready to set your SOUL ON FIRE

Energetic Thought & Emotional Patterns

Discovering cycles & patterns so you can stop energetically bringing in more of what you don’t want and step into alignment , magnetizing what you desire

Rising: Owning it Unapologetically

Exact steps of what fully Embodying the next version of you is, the mindset & energetics in order to become HER 

Harnessing into Your Soul

Stepping into the who tf you are ready to be getting clear af and tapping into the embodiment of HER

Grounded Spiritual Approach

Tapping into your higher self, spiritual gifts & abilities, subconscious reprogramming AND energetics.

Your Bonuses

Lifetime of the minimind replay available at your fingertips so you can revisit the content and refresh your memory any time! 

Access to community and coaching through a private app with coaching support from me for the duration of the minimind

Juicy AF journaling prompts to get your wheels turning and inspiration flowing for embodying future you NOW.

3 LIVE Group Coaching Calls over the 2 week to dive deeper into the stripping away & embodiment

Private audio podcast access to you can tap into the minimind with ease no matter where you are or what you're doing.

Activating questions to discover unhelpful cycles & patterns and learn what it is you're truly ready to release 

Minimind Information

5 pre-recorded audios for you to listen to and use in your own time including digestible pieces of content.

Juicy AF Bonuses to get your wheels turning and inspiration flowing for potent content ideas.

An exclusive membership portal with unlimited access for lifetime of the minimind. 

Aligned action steps integrating spiritual, subconscious reprogramming & energetics to implement right away.

Becoming HER

2 Week Minimind to become the embodiment of the Woman/Healer who has it ALL.

​Join now for only $222!

We begin 7/1


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