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Launch Your Healing Business Academy

A 3-month immersive experience for Healers who are ready to launch (or re-launch) their healing business and book their first (or next) 10 clients with ease. 


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Healers, there’s a missing link… 

After working with heaps of healers and having built my own, successful online business through social media, I’ve realised that there’s a gap. 


A missing link between the gifts you possess and your ability to put them out into the world. 


As Healers, we love nothing more than learning new healing modalities that can enhance our skills and improve our gifts. 


But when it comes for Healers to share these gifts and transform their hobby into a fully-fledged, successful business with consistent clients and income, it’s a struggle. 


The adjustment needed…

The confidence required…

And the clarity demanded… 


This is where Launch Your Healing Business comes in. 


The missing link to bridge the gap between having the skills, gifts and abilities to heal and being able to create and build a sustainable business for you to be fairly compensated for these gifts.

Do any of these sound familiar to you?

  • You’re confused and overwhelmed by all the sleazy marketing tactics and techniques out there, leaving you feeling fed up, frustrated and your brain fried. 


  • You’ve been on the brink of burnout in the past by being in the masculine too much so you’ve now immersed yourself in the feminine but the Universe isn’t bringing you much of anything right now. 


  • You’re afraid of fully stepping out of the ‘witchy closet’ and sharing your gifts with the world because what will people say or think? 


  • You know you’re playing it small but imposter syndrome coupled with a lack of self-belief and confidence are keeping you stuck. 


  • You’re a healer with a desire for financial and time freedom, but you’re afraid to raise your prices and feel like a ‘fraud’ charging your worth because what you have is a ‘gift’. Shouldn’t you be sharing this for free?

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'Biz Academy' to join now!


What if this could be your reality instead… 

  • Feeling confident and able to speak powerfully to your soulmate client through your content and messaging so it lands every single time. 

  • Feeling aligned with your pricing fully charging your worth without any shame or guilt. 

  • Creating messaging that resonates with your audience so they fully understand what you offer and how magical you are to work with 

  • Able to sell your services with confidence, clarity and conviction. No more hiding away from the price or shying away from socials.

  • Having a clear plan of steps to take to transform your side hustle into a successful healing business. 


And with the potential to make back your investment in one sale!

(Yes, you can really charge upwards of $1000 for your services)

Launch Your Healing Biz Academy Testimonials.png


👉🏻 “I booked FOUR clients with my brand new Instagram and only talking about reiki a few times!”  - Elizabeth 


👉🏻 “I booked my first clients within 6 days of completing my certification program” - Chandni 


👉🏻 “I continue to book 1:1 clients and easily launched my group reiki session even while buying a house, tending to my 3 young kid’s needs and moving off the Army post into our new home!” - Erica 

👉🏻 “I have a marketing background and I have never heard marketing taught this way. Fun, creative, simple and innovative” - AJ


👉🏻 “Christian is such a FUN teacher. She makes things easy to understand and is very supportive” - Carrie

Click the button above to DM Christian the words:

'Biz Academy' to join now!


Launch Your Healing Business

(or re-launch) and book your first or next 10 clients with ease!

In This Program We Cover: 

Intention Setting & Embodiment

Set the intention of what you want to achieve during our experience together and prepare to immerse yourself in this transformational journey. 

Energetic Pricing, Packaging Your Offers & Setting Up Tech

Feel clear and confident with your pricing and learn how to package your gifts into an irresistible offer for your clients. 

Money Mindset

Banish those money blocks and overcome those limiting beliefs that are keeping you playing small and undercharging for your services. No discounts or freebies on my watch! 

Your Soulmate Client & Niche

Get crystal clear on who your soulmate client is and how you can help them, working out where you ‘fit’ in the online world and who you’re there to serve. 

Selling With Confidence

Learn how to sell confidently and easily using sales strategies that feel aligned, natural and comfortable to you. No sleazy selling or weird pressure tactics here! 

Magnetic Messaging & Content Creation

Learn how to stand out from the noise and create magnetic messaging to attract soulmate clients with ease through your content.  

Mindset & Nervous System Regulation

Learn how to effectively regulate your mindset and nervous system so moments of chaos can turn into moments of calm in seconds, making you feel safe and secure no matter how out of your comfort zone you are! 

Bonus Content

Social Media Basics: Eliminate the overwhelm from social media and learn how to utilize the power of socials to maximize your impact and income. 

Lead generation basics: Release the confusion about how to connect with people on social media and how to connect with your tribe.

Reiki Infused Meditation:

A healing meditation to support you in this level of growth and expansion.

Hashtag basics: Learn how to utilize hashtags to your advantage to make the most of your magnetic content visibility

Course Information

22.5 hours of content for you to watch and use in your own time. 

3 months of bi-weekly coaching calls with me as your guide. 

An exclusive membership portal with unlimited access for up to a year. 

A private Facebook Group to support, celebrate and encourage one another.

Launch Your Healing Business

And book your first (or next) 10 clients with EASE!

Click the button above to DM Christian the words:

'Biz Academy' to join now!

I Live and Breathe this.

I’m Christian, a Spiritual Business Coach for Healers and a Reiki Master.  

It's my mission to help healers, lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs to strengthen their gifts, transcend their business and help their clients expand further.  

I like to walk the talk: 


  • Helped over 100 women heal through a combination of Intuitive Reiki and coaching

  • Taught 50+ students Reiki all over the world in an internationally accredited certification program. 

  • Strengthen my own gifts and abilities through healing work 

  • Continued to raise my consciousness through healing myself

  • Bachelors of Science in Marketing with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing.

  • Been mentored and healed by incredible healers and mentors across the world so you can benefit too


The truth is…


→ I KNOW soulful strategy

→ I have implemented advanced funnels that I have taught myself how to create to maximize my business and income. 

→ I know how to launch AND expand


And I have the education, experience and skill set to support you with these things too.

Always growing, always shifting, always evolving. 


KNOW who your soulmate client is

SPEAK to them magnetically through your content

PACKAGE sessions and offers with aligned AF pricing

SHIFT your mindset and step into confidence owning your gifts with pride

And ultimately?

BOOK your first (or next!) 10 clients!

Launch Your Healing Business Academy FAQ

Ready to Launch Your Healing Business

And book your first (or next) 10 clients?!  Let's journey together!

Click the button above to DM Christian the words:

'Biz Academy' to join now!

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