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Energy Healing Meditation Series

Guided energy healing meditations to go inward, and help you take a break from your beautiful chaos and start on a path to feeling ZEN AF


Meditation Simplified

Find your inner peace. Feel Calm. Release Negativity.

Meditation Series Information

5 Guided Meditations

2 extra pieces of bonus content

1 hour of video content 

Lifetime Updates

In This Series We Cover: 

Mindfulness of Breath

15 minute Guided Meditation to help you focus on the breath, stay present in your body and release thoughts to come back to full awareness.

Energy Protection

8 minute Guided Meditation to help you protect yourself from energy that's not your and release all negative and attached energy.

Anxiety Release

12 minute Guided Meditation to help you release anxiety, worry and stress in your life.


15 minute Guided Meditation to help you go from scattered to aligned + balance and cleanse your mind and body.

Self Love

13 minute Guided Meditation to help you go inward and return to the purest form of love and self love.

Bonus Content

Meditation Basics PDF

Reiki Infused Meditations


  • I feel more calm and at peace.  I love the self love meditation.


  • I swear it lowered my heart rate every time.  I experienced stillness too.


  • I did your self-love meditation and I had a real awakening to the fact that I am neglecting myself. I cried through the whole thing but it was SO needed. Thank you so much for coming into my life at this time and being so supportive.


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