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How to know if your prices are fair in your Healing Biz

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

It's time ⏳ to shift that mindset.

Healer, it's not about being "fair"

🗣What one person thinks it fair, someone else will have a totally different opinion.

Here's a great example:

👉One person walks into Chanel and buys a purse & a blouse and is SO excited and happy and is totally fine with the pricing

👉Another person could walk in and be like 'oh fuck that', I'm going to Walmart.

Your perception is your reality.

👁Shift your perception, shift your reality.

Feel into this (journal prompts!)

👉How do YOU feel about your pricing?

👉When someone books, what are the emotions/feelings that surface?

👉When you talk about your pricing, what comes up?

👉Is anyone booking at your current price?

Here's 3️⃣ ways to know it's TIME to

raise your prices: 📌side note: these aren't the only ways but ways I see often that it's time!

If you feel any resentment, dread, low vibration feelings:

🚀 time to raise the pricing.

If you've been sitting at the same price forever and gaining experience

🚀time to raise your prices

If no one is booking

(messaging is also important here as well as are you actually showing up and selling)

🔥a pricing change just be the energetic shift YOU need.

Recently I raised my prices...

👁I got clear within myself

⚡️Energetically tested out several prices

🔥Raised them


💥the amount of bookings I got shortly after blew my mind.


🙅‍♀️It's not about being 'fair'

🙅‍♀️It's not about what everyone else is charging

It's YOUR business

🔥What feels good for YOU?

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Sending you BIG flowy vibes!


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