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I Stepped Away for a Tower Moment, here is What I Learned...

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

When I stepped away this meant no posting or emails, turned off ads & email external biz as usual. Old me? I would have FREAKED. I've been an entrepreneur my entire adult life and I PRIDE myself in my consistency and growth. But consistency had to take a back seat because what I went through (and am still dusting the ashes off of) was...massive. Which I know sounds dramatic but one day this will be a chapter in a book or something I speak about on stage. I already know it. I stripped it all away....and it was fucking PAINFUL. I have felt like the birth I put into the world for years and more so in the past year, was taken away. It was. What I know to be true? Something can be taken away but your power lies WITHIN YOU. And when you learn that? 🔥You're un-fucking-stoppable🔥 I stripped away: 👉old posts 👉old free resources 👉changed wording on my ENTIRE website 👉highlights, videos... 👉programs/courses You get the point. Why? 🖤Because when the tower collapsed, part of it was a decision of protecting myself. The other? 🔥I knew I had to strip away anything else that wasn't part of the next level I am stepping into. When I launched Stripped Away: The Rising Phoenix group coaching program for Healers on the first day of Scorpio season (right before eclipse season started) ❤️‍🔥I had NO IDEA I would be launched into my OWN rising (again) Here's what I learned... Nervous system regulation is important for business Because YOU are your business. I got serious about regulation this year but especially the past 6 months and...damn I'm so glad I did. It's safe to burn it to the ground What's no longer serving you cannot come with you to your next level. It will only weigh you down. Drop the dead weight. Pull the weeds. Allow YOURSELF to rise. Not everything is in your control but... What CAN you control? Because that boulder that you are facing (or may face in the future). Ask yourself: Where is the opportunity to adapt to this very real situation? Some people want to tear you down for their own reasons... But MOST want to see you rise. Focus on the many in your corner, not those projecting their own shit onto you Evil and manipulation will NEVER win Darkness NEVER wins. Stand in your light. Stand in your power. Your light will irritate the darkness in others. Let it. Shine anyway. Healing as a Healer is just as important as healing your clients Actually? It's more important. You can only take your clients as deep and high as you take yourself. What are you going to do for YOU if shit hits the fan? You have to be your own healer and also allow yourself to be supported by others too. Having a business foundation is vital I may have had to strip SO MUCH away but what cannot be taken from me is my expertise, soul gifts and experience. Rising again is truly not a big deal (but it is...because the energy is 🔥)

The Phoenix has risen again... at a level I cannot even put into words. And yes, I'm still here. I'm stronger than before. I am wiser than before I'm more protected than before I'm more supported than I even realized before And I am not to be stopped. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Sending you BIG flowy vibes!

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