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You will only ever take your clients as deep as you've been & to the heights you've been yourself...

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Truth Bomb💣... How can you expect your clients to dive into the full depths of their shadows, fears and triggers if you don't fully face them yourself? How can you expect your clients to smash through glass ceilings, reaching new heights, if you don't smash them yourself? 🔮I know you're a badass healer 🔮I know you know how to heal 🔮I know you know how to look at the shadows What I also know to be true is: you can only go as far as your limitations will stretch you to. 👉Then it's beneficial AF to hire someone to see what you're missing Someone who can... 🖤help you witness the triggers & cycles so you can free yourself from the limitations holding you back from your next level 🖤help you uncover what you're missing so the light can seep in ways you've never experienced and your spiritual gifts can be FULLY activated 🖤help you heal the hidden (witch wounds) that are holding you back so you can fully step into your POWER and soul purpose 👉wounds such as: fear of judgement or what might happen if you use your voice and share your gifts FULLY, unapologetically and IN YOUR POWER🔥 Truth don't have to do it alone. ❤️‍🔥You were never meant to walk this lifetime alone Just as you support YOUR clients: you deserve that support too If anything, healers need MORE support with all the holding space we do. 🔥Now more than EVER it is TIME to step up and do the deep healing. It is time for YOU to receive MORE

👁This was something I had to witness within myself. 👉In order to bring this to you, I had to allow myself to go to deeper depths and higher heights with support than ever before in my entire life. 🔥THE TIME IS NOW🔥 The world needs YOUR work.


Sending you BIG flowy vibes!

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