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Imposter Syndrome as A Healer (And how it shows up in your healing biz)

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

This has been a HUGE topic within my social media community lately. And...I get it . Truly. I know on the external you see a bubbly, outgoing (gemini su ) with fire sparking (aries rising) but truth is, I have been there. Sometimes it still creeps in because I'm human too but I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt who I am, what I'm capable of, what I'm here to do and my worthiness. I want YOU to feel that too (regardless of your sun and rising signs 😂. jk 😂) Let's dive into the top ones I've been hearing and HOW they're showing up in your healing business. I'm also going to riff on the TRUTHS below so definitely hang out. It's damn good, I promise ❤️‍🔥 Imposter Syndrome as A Healer (And how it shows up in your healing biz) Who am I to say I can actually deliver the healing and abilities I have?! This also shows up as: Will anyone believe what I’m doing is actually real? Stopping you in your tracks from getting started in the first place or from putting new offers/services out into the world that you KNOW in your heart and soul your soulmate clients NEED. I need 'one more' certificate This also shows up as: Am I even qualified to deliver this (reiki/tarot/insert amazing ability you have)? Fear of not knowing if you are even able to deliver your healing or service in a way it's received which energetically blocks clients from flowing to you. Who am I to charge THAT for my services and abilities? Low-balling your pricing on what you have to offer and what you're providing to your clients and the collective. Which leaves you feeling energetically drained and not abundantly supported financially. I'm too young for people to take me seriously. Places an energetic limitation on yourself that you have to reach a 'certain age' to have your gifts and abilities actually help those who you're meant to support. I'm too old to start a new business Again with the energetic limitation on age, restricting yourself from pivoting into your next soul-prenuer adventure or taking the next step toward your mission and soul purpose. Who am I to lead/heal others when I still have a lot to heal myself?! It's VITAL for Healers to heal themselves, 100% YES. We can only take our clients as deep and high as we take ourselves. However, by stopping yourself from getting your gifts out into the world due to being 'unhealed', you're missing a huge opportunity for growth and an increase in capacity for yourself. Who am I to be wealthy or successful when I'm here to help people?! Giving your gifts, abilities, energy and services away for free. Again, this can leave you feeling drained and a lack of financial abundance. Who says you cannot help people, give where it feels good to give, charge where it feels good to charge and be abundantly supported so you can give big in so many other ways?!

Here's the ACTUAL truth behind all this... 🔥Who are you NOT to show up and share your gifts & abilities with the world?! 🔥You don't need another freakin' certificate - you were literally born to do this. There's not a piece of paper on this planet that can capture the truth of your abilities and soul gifts. 🔥You are WORTHY of charging what feels aligned for you and being abundantly paid for your services. 🔥Age means absolutely nothing about what you're capable of doing, being, delivering and having. Those who are meant for you WILL find you 🔥YES, keep healing and shedding the layers - but know you CAN help those as YOU heal yourself too. There's no such thing as 'fully healed'. 🔥Who are you NOT to be abundantly paid for your gifts and abilities?! Money needs to be in the hands of good hearted people who can DO MORE GOOD (that's YOU🫵)

But it doesn't matter what I KNOW TO MY CORE about you, Healer. 👉It matters what you think and believe about yourself and what you're here to do. It's TIME, Healer, for you to shed these layers and KNOW TO YOUR CORE.

Ready to heal this once and for all?

Grab my FREE Healing the Witch Wound Guide here

The world needs YOUR work. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Sending you BIG flowy vibes!

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