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Fart in a jar for $1000😱(and what it has to do with a healing biz)

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

If a girl can sell a fart in a jar at $1000/jar,


🔥raise your prices in your healing biz,

✨make a difference and

🤑be successful too🤑

Here's what sets her apart: Her content is uhhh...creative 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ 👉She is interesting (*ahem* right?!) 👉She tells a story (and tells it well) 👉She believes in her product (strange or not)

And unapologetically sells her farts for 😱$1000 PER JAR😱 It's fucking hilarious actually 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 You're out there doubting your MAGICAL AF ABILITIES that will CHANGE THE WORLD and too afraid to raise your prices✨️🔮 👉👉👉and she is out there selling FARTS without batting an eye and making HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars 💸 💵 💲 🤑 So yes, healer. 💸You CAN raise your prices 🔥You CAN sell your services at higher levels ✨️You CAN make the bigger impact that you're feeling in your soul💃

Ready to make the impact you're desiring?

Is this you??? 👉ESTABLISHED healer w/ a biz desiring more money & time freedom 👉sick of sleezy/bro marketing tactics 👉afraid to raise your prices (or don't want to) 👉want to expand your biz but don't know how 👉imposter syndrome keeping you frozen Are you ready to... 💃Be paid abundantly for your gifts 💃Have consistent paying clients at high value levels 💃Create a library of offers for more time freedom 💃Grow your biz with ease online

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Sending you BIG flowy vibes!

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