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You Are a Beautiful Boutique Shop, NOT a Wal-Mart!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

You are not Walmart.

You are a mf'n beautiful boutique shop

You do not need to be discounting your services to help EVERYONE.

(I said what I said🤷‍♀️)

✨You are NOT here for everyone BUT here for those who VIBE WITH YOUR ENERGY🔥

Not everyone that goes into a boutique shop will buy something.

👉In fact, some people will just keep on walking by

👉Others just walk around, observe & leave

But those who buy?

✨They love & appreciate their experience with their beautiful items & customer service


✨I know you have a big soul mission

✨I know you have a huge heart to serve

I get it

{{Me too}}

But listen to me loud and clear:

🗣You do not have to discount your services to serve every single person

🗣You are not meant for everyone and everyone is not meant for you.

Your gifts, abilities, energy & time are precious

🔥You are worthy of being compensated🔥

^^^read that again!^^^

MINDSET & ENERGETICS behind what you do and what you charge...and WHY...matter.

🔥You already know that energy is energy is energy. Right?

You are so fucking worthy!

It is SO LIMITING to believe that you cannot serve, make an impact AND make an income on a platform like IG/FB.

🔥🔥🔥🔥I have personally created a 5 figure monthly biz on social media

👉👉👉👉PLUS, I have friends & mentors who make 6 figs + in the healing & coaching industry while making an impact on social media alone!🔥

You can have the most soulful and aligned strategy to expand your business all you want but if you don't believe you're worthy and are not energetically behind it, you'll be stuck in the same cycle.

It's more than just expanding your business. It's expanding your mindset and your capacity to receive too.

Sending you BIG flowy vibes!

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