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Why have one thing when you can have it all?✨ You deserve to have it all!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Expansion is not JUST Biz strategy

It's not JUST Mindset

It's not JUST Energetics

It's the whole mf'n beautiful boutique shop.

A one stop shop where ALL the magic happens✨

I don't believe growing a business can be contained into ONE category.

Not only do you need to get your work out there in a soulful way with strategy that's aligned so you can lean back more...

Being an entrepreneur can be a rollercoaster!

It's truly one of the most amazing personal growth rides we can have. We get to look at limiting beliefs, fears and glass ceilings and shatter them ALL.

You cannot compartmentalize energy!

What's happening one place will leak somewhere else. So cleaning up energetics is vital as well!

This is why I combine:

Mindset✨Soulful Strategy✨Energetics✨Activation

One of MY gifts is that I connect to your energy and open up/magnify YOUR gifts, abilities and clarity.

Because, let's face it, having someone that can support us in all areas is SO beneficial

Can I get an AMEN?!

🔥Why have ONE thing when you can have it ALL?!🔥

Mindset✨Soulful Strategy✨Energetics✨Activation

From the outside perspective, it probably seems like: oh, here's another 'spiritual biz coach' 🙄who decided to change her IG name and play the game🤷‍♀️

🔥It's actually not like that at all🔥

Though I DID decide to own the fuck out of this energy of a spiritual biz coach and being the healer's healer🙌


🔥I LOVE offering 1:1 healing sessions

🔥Oracle Card Readings for clients are a blast

🔥I am WILDLY OBSESSED with my internationally accredited Quantum Reiki School and love teaching it to healers around the world!

🔥I'm trained in several healing modalities, NLP, spiritual life coaching

...and so much more

And also?

🦄This is not my first rodeo babe!

>>I've been doing this for longer than what you see here.

🔥Recognized internationally through HS for my writings

🔥My parents are very creative & my dad quit his job when I was in HS and grew a very successful biz he runs to this day

🔥I have a degree in Marketing (bachelors of science)

🔥Nominated VP for our advertising club at my college

🔥Marketing Chair for my sorority

🔥banking career where I excelled in sales

🔥various businesses as an adult including a network marketing company where I was top 5%

I live and BREATHE this work

I have the experience & education

My past and current client wins definitely speaks for itself (launching businesses and growing them 🔥)

Ready to EXPAND your healing biz

to $5k+ months?

Are you ready to... 💃Be paid abundantly for your gifts 💃Have consistent paying clients at high value levels 💃Create a library of offers for more time freedom 💃Grow your biz with ease online

✨Expansion ✨

1: 1 Coaching

Join me on this 4 or 6 month journey where you will:

🔮Learn how to grow and expand your biz with soul aligned strategy

🔮Shift your mindset to bring in more abundance and growth in biz (and life!)

🔮Clean up your energetics and align yourself to your manifestations and desires

🔮Activate your spiritual gifts, creativity and clarity

DM me EXPANSION to see if it's a good fit for you


Sending you BIG flowy vibes!


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