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Quick Fixes in Health OR Biz✨Are NOT the vibe

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

You wouldn't reach for a quick fix for your health journey so...Why would you reach for a quick fix in your biz?🙊

Just as your body is your temple, your biz is your


🔮your life's work

🔥the legacy you leave

But HOW do you know what to look for in a quick fix for a biz?

Quick fix in Biz looks like: 👀 👉Drop into the feminine only 👉let the Universe bring it to you 👉secret offer to get you to $x in a short amount of time 👉calibrate to my energy to take your biz to the next level 👉this one thing will take your biz to $5k 👉$10k in 3 months (or whatever number)

🙅‍♀️Bull shit 🙅‍♀️Bull shit 🙅‍♀️Bull shit

You're intuitive right?🔥You trust your abilities? ✨️ Then TRUST ✨️

As a healer & spiritual BEing, you already know this...

⚖️You need BALANCE

♀️♂️Both feminine and masculine energies

Lead with the feminine energy 💃this is where our creation is: birthing new ideas

Expanding with the masculine energy: 🔥inspired action: taking the feminine creative ideas and taking actual steps 🔥

You also need...

✨️soulful strategy ✨️to SHOW UP and sell (every day babe!) ✨️aligned af prices ✨️magnetic messaging and content ✨️clarity on who your soulmate client is ✨️High value program to scale with ease Introducing:

Stripped Away: The Rising Phoenix.

>>>group coaching program for Healers🔮🔥👑🌪

🌪From Hidden Healer to Here the Fuck I Am Healer🌪

This is for you if you're ready to:

🔥Heal the Imposter syndrome so you can step into your worth and POWER

🔥Heal the Witch/Healer wounds so you can OWN your gifts and magic

🔥Clear the 'good girl' energy and step into your power of being a woman and what that means for you

🔥Understand the divine feminine and divine masculine energies, balance them and use them to your advantage

🔥Activate your soul & spiritual gifts & enhance the gifts that you know you have

🔥Show up fully, unapologetically, authentically in your power in your business to fully connect with your soulmate clients - this is the secret to success that no one talks about

🔥Clear the energetics and patterns showing up in your life so you can finally step off the hamster wheel and be EMPOWERED

🔥Say peace the fuck out to imposter syndrome and rise from the flames in your POWER


Only 10 spots available

DM me on Instagram HERE: "Rising Phoenix" for deets


Sending you BIG flowy vibes!


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