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5 FEARS of a Healer Starting or Expanding Their Online Biz

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

I see this often, not just in my clients but I have been there myself,

Here's the top 5 fears I see healers have to starting or expanding their healing business and how to overcome them (save this! these journaling prompts are GOLD)

1. Fear of Failure or Like You're Not Good Enough

What if you could see failure as an opportunity to learn? Truly, there's no such thing as 'failure'. It's either an opportunity to learn/grow or a shift in your path. This or something better, always.

What if you had the opportunity to shift that you ARE good enough? You ARE enough.

2. Fear of Judgement (family and peers)

Why do you care so much about what they think or say?

What if you chose to follow YOUR soul aligned path and became more fulfilled that you could ever imagine.

How would THAT feel?

What if you following YOUR path actually gave those around you permission to follow theirs?

3. Trusting 'Timing'

Look, I'm gonna drop a 💣 on you for a minute...

it shocks the SHIT out of me that so many spiritual souls use divine timing as a cop out🙊

(I said what I said 💁‍♀️).

Are you actually trusting in the timing?

Or are you just too afraid to take the leap of faith already?

(Get as real with yourself as I just did with you).

4. Imposter Syndrome: Don't Know if you Have Enough Certifications

Wondering: who the fuck am I to do ___ (insert what you're feeling called to do).

Chasing the next certification (or becoming a certification hoarder).

The truth is, if you're feeling called to do something, no certification can prove what is part of your soul knowing.


5. Fear of the Unknown

This can easily go to number one.

Drop back into your body.

Ground yourself in the present moment.


If you're fearing or worrying about the unknown, you're no longer present. I know you already know this. Come back to what you know.

Right here. Right now.

You are a capable badass and the world NEEDS your work.

Truth is, entrepreneurship is one of the most incredible opportunities of self development and growth.

You learn SO much about yourself.

If you give yourself the opportunity, you can actually HEAL so much that's holding you back

👉especially when you're supported!


Sending you BIG flowy vibes!


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