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Unpopular Opinion (7 figure Coach Strategy of 'leaning back')

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

The strategy of a 7 figure coach is NOT going to serve you when you're in growth to $5k/mo stages of your healing business

Your ability to grow your healing biz to $5k+ months doesn't soley rely on the


✨leaning back

✨or JUST trusting...

I KNOW you're inspired by the 7 figure coach who has the

💃flowy 💃feminine 💃leaned back business model

Beautiful healer, the truth is, this soulprenuer...

👉Has DONE the mindset and energetic work 👉Has grown the audience and they trust her 👉Probably has funnels and an email list 👉Maybe has run ads (currently or in the past) 👉Has show up to increase her visibility (podcasts, IG live, etc) 👉Increased her prices, has multiple offers AND high value offers 👉Has shown up to sell...a LOT

She has built her business so now she CAN lean back.

YES you can get there too. BUT, the work has to be done as well.

>>I'm NOT talking about burnout or hustle

(we're so over that, right?!)

I'm talking about:

💃Leading with the divine feminine energy to create 🔥Scaling with the divine masculine to bring your creations to 3d and get them out into the world

Scaling your business requires you to...

✨Have clear, consistent magnetic messaging that speaks DIRECTLY to your soul mate client

✨Having a soulful strategy to get your offers out there

✨Shifting the limiting beliefs & thoughts

✨Clear your energy and increase your capacity to receive

✨Step out of the constant 1:1 sessions and into the high value offers

And...drumroll please🥁


Are you ready to scale your healing biz to $5k+ months?

Is this you??? 👉ESTABLISHED healer w/ a biz desiring more money & time freedom 👉sick of sleezy/bro marketing tactics 👉afraid to raise your prices (or don't want to) 👉want to expand your biz but don't know how 👉imposter syndrome keeping you frozen Are you ready to... 💃Be paid abundantly for your gifts 💃Have consistent paying clients at high value levels 💃Create a library of offers for more time freedom 💃Grow your biz with ease online

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Sending you BIG flowy vibes!

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