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This Magic Changed My Life

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Have you ever experienced something so bizarre and SO magical and became HOOKED?

Or maybe you kept seeing and hearing something everywhere (like SIGNS!) and you had NO IDEA WHY you were so drawn to it but knew you needed to pursue it?

Oh em gee, I ever understand that!

I will never forget my first energy healing session.

I kicked back to relax and opened up to the experience my friend was sharing with my family and I. As she moved from working on my kiddos to me…I LITERALLY felt the anxiety in my solar plexus (area just below your sternum) dissipate.

It was the most bizarre yet the most incredible feeling EVER.

In that exact moment of the anxiety dissipating, I was HOOKED. I was SO full of that feeling and having relief from it was SUCH a blessing.

I knew I needed to experience more of this and I knew that I had to figure out WHY energy healing was calling so deeply to me.

From hearing it and seeing it everywhere, to it falling into my lap with my first energy healing appointment...I knew there was a reason.

What's fascinating when I reflect is that I had gone around saying ‘alignment before action’ for nearly a year at that point but until I experienced my first energy healing session…I never knew exactly what that truly felt like.

Yes being in alignment with what feels good that day but having the internal “energetic gunk” removed from my energetic system?

Just WOW.🤯🤯🤯

There’s literally no words because it’s truly a FEELING.

The next morning I felt clear from the inside out. My (very skeptical) husband didn’t have lower back pain My boys slept like freaking ROCKS 😂

Not having that overwhelming anxiety feeling sitting in my stomach and heart is such a blessing. Since then I have been having healings biweekly and also became a Reiki practitioner myself so I can not just do healing sessions for myself and my family but also because I knew the world needs more of this ❤️

Less stress, anxiety, pain, sadness More feelings of relaxation, stress & anxiety RELIEF, pain free, peace of mind, JOY (and SO MUCH MORE) . If you’re ready to experience energy healing yourself, click here to learn more! You can be anywhere in the world to experience the healing, there's no call or video you need to be on. If you've been thinking about it, this is your sign. Trust your intuition, it won't steer you wrong.

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