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The first time I saw a psychic medium...(it wasn't as voodoo as I thought! lol)

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Two years ago, I saw a psychic medium for the first time. …I didn’t talk about it for fear of judgement Over the weekend I got the intuitive hit to listen to part of the recording again and where I stopped blew my MIND. Tears and full body chills. Before I even scheduled that appointment, I knew I needed to go for MONTHS and had no idea why but what I did know is that I needed to follow that nudge. The night before my appointment I had a dream where there was a huge golden ring that was on fire—everything else was black around me. I was being motioned to step through this beautiful ring and the other side felt safe but I was scared of leaving behind everything I knew. As I told the medium this, she explained to me that it was safe for me to walk through. That I was fearing leaving everything that was safe but my guides were telling me it is ok to step fully into it all. It was also at that moment she shared with me (as she was squinting at me because my aura became so bright as we talked about this) that I am a healer and I have a healer’s path. She continued to tell me that what I’ve been doing for work/business had lead me to where I am but it wasn’t quite what was intended for me. It is helping people with health and mindset…but I was being called to go further. Then she told me she saw in the next 6 months I will be doing something with healing. …she couldn’t see exactly what it was but she mentioned reiki. Which at that point had come up a LOT like a neon flashing sign 😂 As I’m listening to this recording I’m like wait!!! Omg!!!! …4 months after I had a reading with her I enrolled in a course to learn how to enhance my gifts as well as connected with a group of like minded souls who are gifted in their abilities as well plus I dove into Oracle cards …5-6 months after the reading I enrolled into traditional Reiki and Quantum Reiki courses. I never shared any of this because I was SCARED…which is hilarious because I’m not getting chased by a saber tooth or anything life threatening like that (our minds play funny tricks on us. lol!) …I feared judgement. And trust me, the fact that I'm sharing this with you right now is a HUGE leap and is due to the inner work I've done to release this fear of judgement. I realize NOW that those who love me, support me and want to be in my space will...those who don't will walk away and that has nothing to do with me. I send each person off with love, light and wish them the highest and best good. Here’s what I know and have realized. That appointment opened doors for me. It’s helped me see the lights on my path. In opening up to that experience and everything I’ve been doing on THIS level over the past year it’s given others permission to open up too (maybe that’s you??) The conversations I’ve had with so many women fills me with SO MUCH JOY to be able to connect and help on a soul level. I encourage you to follow your nudges. Whatever they are as long as they’re for your highest and best good. And just TRUST. Because life will unfold for you in a really beautiful way if you allow yourself to truly open up to the experience.

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