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New Moon Rituals

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Happy New Moon Babe!

Moon rituals are not as “witchy” or over the top woo as one would think. I mean, sure you can dance naked under the full moon if that’s your vibe. You can get together with like minded souls and have a fire going, writing intentions or what you’re ready to release and burn it. You can also google some pretty cool things that you can do.

Truly though? I like to keep it simple. I also feel this is a really incredible way to remember self care and to take time for you. As a woman I know that it can be tough to remember to put yourself first. What better way to remember to do so than with the ever consistently changing feminine energy of the moon. Right?

The New Moon is a powerful opportunity to call in what it is that you desire. With the full moon we release, the new moon we manifest. Truly, these can be done any time of the month but with the energy of the moon, it just MAGNIFIES it which is so incredible.

I recommend doing your rituals up to 2 days prior, day of, or within 2 days after the New Moon as that’s when the energy is the highest. I’ve included some soul filling rituals and journaling prompts to support you during this new moon!


🌑 Take a bath with epsom salt (pink himilayan) to relax.

This is also a great detoxification. You can take it a step further and add in essential oils. Citrus oils like wild orange and bergamot are great for manifesting because they’re uplifting and help with self reassurance. If you just want to chill and detox: lemon (detox), lavender (chill), rosemary (protect).

🌑 New Moon or Manifesting Meditation

You could even do this while you’re in the bath. You can search on youtube or the free app called Insight Timer for New Moon Meditations or Manifesting Meditations. Choose whatever you’re feeling drawn to.

🌑 Journal your intentions.

I’ll include steps on how to do this below.

🌑 Oracle or Tarot Card Reading - get clarity on your direction.

There’s a ton of different spreads you can do if you like to do them yourself. I recommend checking Instagram or Pinterest or just google it. I also offer readings as well if that feels aligned for you.

Clear low frequencies, get aligned and receive help manifesting. Yes, the energy healing can help you manifest. If you know how to do reiki or alchemy healing of any kind, use that for one of your self healing tools. What an incredible gift to you, right?! If you’d like to have a session done, I offer 1:1 sessions or you can check out my events for my upcoming group sessions.

🌑 Ground yourself.

Feet on the ground and just breathe and BE. You can also hug a tree (look I know that sounds weird if you’ve never done it but TRUST ME it’s so damn healing). Take a walk in your neighborhood or in nature if you can. Sit near a lake or river. Do a grounding meditation. Eat earthy foods. Carry earthy crystals (red or black are super grounding). Whatever feels aligned, truth that for yourself.

Also, as mentioned above, the New Moon is a great opportunity to set your intentions for the month!

Here are four super simple, but powerful journal prompts for setting those New Moon Intentions:

1. Start by defining a clear outcome for the next lunar cycle – your GOALS

2. Next, define how you intend to manifest this outcome during this next lunar cycle – your INTENTIONS

3. FEEL how you would feel when your desires come true, sit with this feeling and then describe it in your journal, at length

4. Hold these feelings over the full lunar cycle, journal on them often.

You can set goals and intentions for every area of your life. For example: finances, career, relationships & family and spirituality. I recommend keeping your intentions to 1-3 so as not to dilute the energy around them.

Here’s some personal examples I’ve used in the past:

I desire to have more patience.

I desire better communication.

I desire $x to flow to me through business or any way that I haven’t thought of.

I desire more creativity.

Then I end it with:

I am open and available for steps to help guide and support me. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

After that, simply surrender. I don’t stress it, I don’t hyperfocus on it. I give it to my guides and Source and just allow. Then when limiting beliefs or situations come up, triggers, etc I work through them (journaling) to shift back to what it is that I desire. I also like to journal on what it is I desire often as I feel called to it.

At the end of the day, keep it simple. Have FUN with it and just trust. You cannot mess this up. Trust your intuition and let it be your guide.

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