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Tips To Survive Mercury Retrograde

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Mercury Retrograde: We can actually THRIVE.

We don’t have to run and hide or freak out.

Truth be told, the first thing people say to me when they hear Mercury is going Retrograde is: oh shit. As I’ve been informing my husband of the retrogrades, new/full moon, etc even HE says the same thing.

I LOVE to take something that brings up some feels in me and ask this:

How can I see this differently?

Because, truth is, we do NOT have to fear Mercury Retrograde. When I started being aware of it, I was definitely like “oh no not again” until I LEARNED about it and how I can work with it.

How does that look though?!

First and foremost, I’m not an expert here. I recommend you follow an astrologer or someone who is an expert in astrology to gain their expertise more in depth. I’m going to share with you the basics of what I’ve learned and how to survive through it.

Let’s face it, if you’re here reading this I know that you don’t want some over the top activity you need to do to get through this weird time. Right?! I feel you.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication. When a planet is in retrograde, it’s not actually going backwards but it gives the illusion that it is. Whatever is represented by that planet (like Mercury represents communication) it’s going to feel like it’s just going...well, backwards. So what does this mean?

It means that it can feel like you’re talking in circles, you cannot get the words out that you want to say, a lot of miscommunication happens during this time. This is also tied to traveling, signing documents, electronics, etc. This doesn’t mean DON’T travel or don’t sign documents. Just double check, re-check and then check again. Also, back your stuff up OFTEN on electronics.

You’re going to feel the effects typically in the shadow period 2 weeks before and after and about during Mercury Retrograde itself.

Here are my top Mercury Retrograde Survival Tips:

1) Collect your words

When you're in your mercury retrograde, take a step back before you go into a conversation. If you’re finding yourself triggered or the other person is, allow yourself to take a step back and just breathe. Maybe take a 10 minute break, ground yourself, whatever you need to do to stay calm, present and with yourself during that time so as to not allow your words to come out in a way that they weren’t meant to.

2) Connect with Nature.

Retrograde is a great reminder for you to come back home to yourself. Getting outside and getting some fresh air, grounding yourself and just allowing yourself to BE. It can be so frustrating when things aren’t working as we feel they should be. But can you allow yourself to TRUST?! When it’s not working out or coming together, whether that’s communication or electronics or whatever, it can be a sign for you to step back, walk away and just because it’s not working out right now doesn’t mean it won’t ever but just allow yourself space to think and be so it CAN have the time and space to come together for you.

3) Read the Details

I feel like if you do a lot of research you will find that SO many resources say don’t sign contracts or going into agreements during Mercury Retrograde. Here’s my opinion: don’t let this stop your life. If you’re buying a house, traveling, signing documents, going into an agreement just allow yourself to take a step back and ask yourself: Did I read that too fast? Let me reread it. Just give yourself an extra moment to understand what you’re signing, go back to reread with fresh eyes or ask someone else to read it for you.

4) Confirm your plan

If you’re traveling, driving, flying or anything like that just reconfirm flights, bookings or anything of that nature. Even for doctor appointments, business appointments. Just check then confirm.

5) Spend some time with yourself

This really connects with nature but allow yourself to just take a step back and go within. Allow yourself to see what’s coming up in you lately. Journal, meditate, take a bath, cook, ground, cozy up on the couch with a book. It’s a really great time to practice self care and awareness going within.

6) Be open to realignment.

Retrograde can really shake things up and can force some things loose. If you’re feeling like shit is hitting the fan, things aren’t working out, you’re more triggered than normal, know that it’s ok. Trust when that happens and trust that it’s for a reason. Remember that it’s ok to sit in the mud. It’s ok to not be ok. It’s also ok to shift. Decide that, “yeah it really sucks right now but I trust that something good is going to come from it” and allow yourself to go within and heal. Allow yourself to see it as an opportunity to grow and heal.

Remember, Mercury Retrograde is not here for us to be like: omgosh here we go again. But rather an opportunity to inform ourselves. It’s all just information. It allows us an opportunity to grow, expand and shift. And that’s HUGE.

You got this!

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