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Introducing: Quantum Illumination Reiki™️

I'm over the moon, excited to announce the NEWEST style of Reiki to date: Quantum Illumination Reiki™️

The process of channeling this powerful style of reiki has been an incredible and wild ride. One that I'm going to share with you in vulnerability AND excitement combined. How very Gemini sun, Aries rising, Cancer moon of me, I know 😂

I've been in the healing industry for many years now and am certified and trained in several different styles of reiki. When I learned these different styles, it felt like a coming home. Everything felt easy to tap into and even as I'm typing this my hands are vibrating. There were pieces of reiki that didn't resonate and I began tapping into inner knowingness of how to use the life force energy (not channel it, there's no need to do that). I began to take energy healing and make it my own. I offered (and still do) 1:1 reiki sessions, group reiki sessions and integrate reiki into my coaching containers as well because I love doing energetic work alongside the coaching work I do with my clients.

In June 2021, I had an akashic records reading that opened doors WIDE open.

The information that my soul family provided me blew my mind. Part of my soul mission here is to help healers and starseeds. When I heard that, it made me giggle because I realized I was already doing it. I had been doing it for several years at that point without even fully realizing it.

I was also informed by my soul family that I am going to bring forth a healing modality that is not yet earth side that I had been working on in a previous incarnation.

My reaction then? I'm sorry...WHAT?! 😱

Me?! I'm just a small town girl from Iowa, military wife and boy mama building a business of my dreams supporting people into their missions.

I allowed myself time to have this information integrate as I processed this. Then, shortly after that session, I started receiving symbols (talismans/keys, it's all interchangeable) with the healing frequencies. My hands would vibrate like crazy. I tested them on myself and those in my world and then just kind of put it off to the side. I definitely questioned myself because, ya know, imposter syndrome. lol!

Later that year, I launched a reiki school of a different reiki style. Over the course of a year, built the entire thing and had people enrolling from all over the world. In fall of 2023? I had a full on tower moment that led me to walking away from that piece of my business. Even though I loved it, the organization that style of reiki was tied to was something I had to distance myself from to stay in alignment with my own morals, ethics and values. So, I lit the match and burned it down.

Little did I know that in those moments was a COMPLETE re-direction on my path.

I had a feeling that it was but I needed to heal and gather my human self first.

Doors started flying open again.

The rest of the symbols were channeled through with the healing frequencies and what they do.

I received exactly what it is that this healing modality does and how deeply and high it heals.

The structure of how I'll teach it came through.

New principles for myself and my future students were downloaded.

I couldn't believe it.

I was told that I had been using this style of energy healing all along and going forward I was not to integrate any other style of reiki for my clients but rather use my own so that I could see exactly how powerfully healing it is. It has blown my fcking mind.

In late September 2023, I finally filed the trademark for Quantum Illumination Reiki™️

In late Q1 or early Q2 2024 I will be teaching it to the public and I couldn't be more excited to watch this beautiful healing modality support the world in healing and raising the frequency of the collective.

In my next blog post, I will be sharing exactly what Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ is and how it supports healing along with the benefits.

You can hear the full story on my podcast The Un/Tamed Healer. You can listen here or on any podcast listing platform.

Book a 1:1 Session Here

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Join the Evolution Membership to get the inside scoop, monthly healings, coaching, trainings, moon circles, meditations infused with Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ and more.

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