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Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ Benefits

The benefits of Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ are truly abundant and limitless.

What I found really interesting is that some healing modalities I stopped feeling as I ascended and continue to. It’s as if I transcended beyond what that energy frequency was able to support me (this was true around 2021 timeframe) and I started only receiving alchemy healing from powerful healers as that’s what I could feel taking me to the next level. I know this is true for many healers as they ascend as well.

It also comes to the question of why this style of reiki and why now??

As we awaken and ascend as a collective, the energy and healing modalities will continue to be effective but not as effective as we need them to be to continue our evolution on this planet. As time continues, more and more modalities will be birthed into this world as starseeds and healers reincarnate to this time. We need higher frequencies to continue to raise the frequency of this planet. Quantum Illumination Reiki does just that. Raises the frequency of the client and the planet.

About Quantum Illumination Reiki™️

It heals at not just a physical and conscious level but also a subconscious/unconscious level, cellular level and DNA level. Meaning it’s the true definition of leaving no stone unturned and pulling out ALL the gunk at the root. 😏

It helps with the ascension process. What I know to be true is that the spiritual awakening and ascension process can feel rough to put it lightly. With Quantum Illumination Reiki™️, it heals powerfully yet gently so you're not feeling like you're riding on a rollercoaster with your hands in the air and the buckle not fully down wondering when the hell the thing is going to stop. You'll feel aligned, clear, connected with your nervous system regulated so you can operate through each day feeling grounded.

Healing at conscious AND subconscious/unconscious level means that we are getting to the root of what’s been going on whether you know what has been causing emotional turmoil, cycles, patterns or not.

DNA and Cellular Upgrades means that you receive

  • Continuous upgrades no matter how many sessions you have

  • Helps the Healer and client exactly where they are while casting vision and clarity on what they need to know

Due to the strength of this style of reiki, it will continue to give upgrades as the client is ready. It will continue in strength with each session after each layer is pulled away.

Other Benefits of Quantum Illumination Reiki™️

As I mentioned above, the benefits are LIMITLESS but common ones are as follows:

  • Spiritual Awakening, Enlightenment & Ascension

  • Intuition development

  • Clarity on your path

  • Environmental imbalances and support in energetic shifts

  • Insecurities and fears

  • Manifestation

  • Creating more calm in your life and nervous system regulation

  • Fatigue & Insomnia, increasing energy

  • Anxiety & Depression

  • Relationships

  • Pregnancy

  • Physical Pains

  • PTSD

  • and so much more

The number of sessions vary based on what you're seeking to heal and clear as well as personal preference of routine spiritual maintenance and self care.

Within just a few sessions, clients can have issues resolved that have been bothering them for YEARS including physical ailments, emotional blocks and historical trauma (this varies from person to person and the depth of their trauma.) Clients feel lighter, both physically and mentally, and much more content and at peace. They are more aligned to their desires, beliefs and values and able to lead a life that is anchored in authenticity.

Top 5 Benefits of Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ as a Healer or Lightworker:

  1. Release negative energy which is especially important as an empath, spiritual entrepreneur and healer to release what’s not yours to hold

  2. Clearer connection with Higher Self and Source so you can improve intuition in life and business

  3. Shines light on the shit that no longer serves you which will help you get into radical alignment and achieve life and business goals

  4. Sleep better clearing out 3rd eye, quieting the mind, releasing the shit that’s not serving you and helping you calm from within will help you rest easily

  5. Regulates your nervous system which ensures that you remain calm, healthy and (for entrepreneurs) increases your capacity to serve

You can hear the full story on my podcast The Un/Tamed Healer. You can listen here or on any podcast listing platform.

Book a 1:1 Session Here (testimonials are here too)

Join the next upcoming Group Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ session here.

Join the Evolution Membership to get the inside scoop, monthly healings, coaching, trainings, moon circles, meditations infused with Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ and more.

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