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Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ testimonials

Updated: Jun 15

Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ testimonials.

For the protection of my clients, I've left out names. I thought it would be best to show you screenshots. Typing them up is cool and all but there is nothing like seeing what someone has actually written and experienced I feel.

These clients have experienced 30 minute 1:1, 60 Minute 1:1 or Group Healing Session.

Click the arrow on the right to see more. You can hear the full story on my podcast The Un/Tamed Healer about the channeling of Quantum Illumation Reiki™️. You can listen here or on any podcast listing platform.

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Join the Evolution Membership to get the inside scoop, monthly healings, coaching, trainings, moon circles, meditations infused with Quantum Illumination Reiki™️ and more.

These are some from posts I've done on social media.

These are from various sessions.

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