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Do you have these witch wounds???

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Do you notice any of these tendencies within yourself? --Pushing women away --Not making friends with women --Feeling threatened or judgmental of other women Sometimes these even happens subconsciously. This is something I've noticed BIG time within myself about 4 months or so ago. As a kid, I was stabbed in the back by other females all the time Even as an adult from women who were friends It's made me cautious As I sit here typing, I even can think of friends I've subconsciously pushed away ...not because I don't love them and value them But because I am trying to protect myself Not just from the hurt in this lifetime But PAST lifetimes too Do you experience this? See, women were turned against each other being accused of being a witch. Saving their own life so throwing even those they love under the bus to be: burned, drowned or hanged Awareness is key, as you know. So now we heal this That way we don't have to bring it into the rest of this lifetime, next lifetime and we can also help the collective heal as we heal this wounding Because energy is energy Healing ourselves, heals others too. Here's how I'm healing this witch wound and how you can begin as well: >>>HEAL<<<

  • Do the internal work around these wounds.

    • Be brave enough to talk about them.

  • Recognize that it’s a choice in this lifetime to keep living in fear and step into the knowingness that you ARE actually safe.

  • Re-write your stories and change your narratives.

    • You get to be the hero of your story.

  • Reclaim yourself AND your power.

    • This includes healing of past lifetimes AND this lifetime's trauma and pain.

Here's a few other ways I'm finding helpful:

1. I am surrounding myself with other POWERFUL AF women by joining a mastermind (I began in November). 2. Honoring and stepping into my OWN gifts and light.

Ready to heal the witch wound? Grab my FREE Healing the Witch Wound Workbook here Sending you lots of love, light and BIG flowy vibes!

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