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5 signs you were a witch in a past life...The realization is going to blow your mind!

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Being persecuted in another life creates enough fear to stop anyone in their tracks🫣 My irrational fear? 😱Tarot Cards🤔 I do plan on telling you this full story but that will have to wait for another day. This is a pretty taboo subject collectively. There’s a lot of fear stemming from those of us who were witches in a past life {we don’t dare bring it up, what if someone harms us?!}. There’s also a lot of collective energy of not having this level of understanding {which in turn creates that fear from the whispers and strange looks shot our way, right?!} It doesn’t matter what they think or say, it matters what we KNOW at a soul level.

5 Signs you were a Witch in a Past Life 1.You have an irrational fear of anything witchy Things like Tarot/Oracle Cards, energy healing, spirits or anything metaphysical scare you and make you feel SO uncomfortable and you literally have no clue why. 2.You struggle with speaking your truth. Having a hard time standing up for yourself, speaking your opinion and sharing your witchiness and abilities. 3.You have a fear of fire (or water) Sure, fire is dangerous. Yes, we are taught to be safe with it. But what if you have taken that to a whole different level with a fear you simply cannot explain? 4.You’re super drawn to witchy things in this lifetime. Completely opposite of being afraid of all things witchy, you're actually DRAWN to them. Things like the metaphysical, crystals, spell casting, spirits. Maybe you're drawn to herbalism, energy healing, you're a psychic/medium, etc. 5.You’re uncomfortable around women and have a hard time connecting with them I feel like this one isn't commonly discussed. Like it's 'normal' for us to repel against each other as women. Women were turned against each other to protect themselves from getting burned at the stake or accused of being a witch. Look Healer...This lifetime? 🔥You get to OWN YOUR POWER 🔥You get to SPEAK YOUR TRUTHS You get to clear the witch wounds and share your gifts with the world 🖤You will not be burned at the stake this time.

Are you ready to free yourself from the shackles of lifetimes ago??? It's TIME for you to heal the witch wounds and anything holding you back from standing in your POWER. The world NEEDS your work now more than ever. ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Are you ready to heal the witch wound and free yourself from the shackles of lifetimes before that are holding you back in this life??

This is exactly why I created Healing the Witch Wound Masterclass

You're going to receive a deeply healing experience:

Witch wounds

👉Learn how to identify the top witch wounds so you know exactly what they are as well as how they're affecting your life plus steps to begin to heal them.

Gain Confidence

👉Show up in the world and share your gifts and abilities with confidence (we're coming out of the woo woo closet, Healer!).

Mindset shifting

👉Shift the BS limiting beliefs and regulate your nervous system so you can show up in your power and open your capacity to receive.


🔥Journaling prompts that are deeply insightful questions to support your healing and finally heal the wounds that are surfacing for you

🔥Guided past life regression meditation that’s infused with my very own {unreleased} Intuitive Reiki (get prepared to dive DEEP)


Sending you BIG flowy vibes!

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