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Divine Timing: A DOCTOR asked me to do REIKI for him🤯

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

How often do you trust in divine timing?

Do you try to control the things around you, rushing around and hustling or worrying about what's next for you?

>>I GET IT! I have SO been there! Sometimes I even have to check myself before I wreck myself 😂 And if I'm being totally honest with you...I've only TRULY been leaning into divine timing the past few months but EVEN MORE SO the past month.

I mean, I thought I was really trusting the next steps but I had to do some reflecting recently and I realized I was still trying to control an outcome, overworking in an un-inspired way and just wasn't like TRULY trusting everything was coming together as I thought I was---reality check came in. I sank within and did that soul searching and FINALLY surrendered.


Here's how it went...I did Reiki healing on a Doctor.

Yes, you read that correctly 😉 Honestly, it was unexpected but SUCH divine timing. I actually left my house early (this is a miracle 😂), got to where I needed to be early and was able to be seen earlier than my appointment time too.

By the time the exam was complete (everything is 💯) and he was closing out my chart, he saw the job title I put down: Energy Healer and Spiritual Life Coach

Which sparked a conversation.

You must know by now I have some serious respect for doctors and medicine.

I also fully appreciate the open mindedness that it doesn't have to be the FIRST option and also the fact that other healing modalities can be incorporated WITH medicine and seeing a doctor.

We chatted back and forth about what it does for patients. He shared with me some of the non medicine ways they help patients at his clinic for things like concussions and more and that he was so blown away at the power of the human mind.

He asked my pricing (and then was like um no, you need to raise your prices...he isn't the first person to tell me this 😂)

The conversation led to..."we started your appointment early, if you have time would you like to do a healing session for me now???" Of COURSE!

I rarely do them in person because I don't have the space for it but I totally CAN do it both distance and in person.

Anyway...after chatting with him about what was going on, we switched places and I had him sit in the patient chair while I did the healing for him.

Long story short, when I completed the session he was blown away with how calm he was and the advice that came through for him and everything he was feeling.

Divine timing works like that.

I FINALLY just started trusting that if I'm going somewhere that I was guided, it's for a reason. I needed that appointment as much as he needed that session too.

And when the medical community is opening to other healing modalities in conjunction with what they do, that's HUGE. Have you ever run into this? I'm totally curious on the stories you've encountered yourself! Make sure you hit reply and tell me!

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