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It has become my mission to empower you to rise from the ashes, heal and elevate your life, and shine light on your worth. Join me on this beautiful journey as we step into the lives we deserve.


Hey! I'm Christian!

My name is Christian Jones and I’m a military wife, boy mama and found out that I can truly RISE through the ashes of life. It hasn’t always been like this though. You see, I’m an overcoming people pleaser and perfectionist. I have fought through depression, 
anxiety and some really tough shit.  ​


It has become my mission to empower YOU to rise from the ashes, too. To heal and elevate your life, shine light on your worth, activate from within and shed layers into who you truly are through inspiration, 
real life guidance, Quantum Reiki Healing and Spiritual Life Coaching.

I can't wait to help you do this! Let's dive in!


My Services

Rest IS part of the work

🌻There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long🌻 .
So why on earth would we think WE are so special that we get to not be in cycle



Rise Within Conversations

Rise Within Conversations is a podcast for women who are ready to heal and elevate their lives.  Join your host and spiritual bestie, Christian Jones, as we have conversations around gaining clarity in situations, life, love, spirituality and a lot of woo woo.