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Updated: Jul 22, 2023

2023 has been the year that I knew I wanted to pour into the the hearts and souls of more healers throughout the world.

It is the year I knew I wanted to connect deeper, create fun relationships with other like-minded healers and soulpreneurs.

When I felt into how I wanted this to look and how I could give value in bigger ways, the most FUN thing that came to mind.


I live by my values. Fun, flow, ease and play. I teach this and I breathe it. If it's not any of those, count me OUT!✌️

I wanted to bring to you ways to hear more of what I do, how I teach and feel into my energy as well. Over the past few years that was a big question - how do people hear more of me, binge videos or podcasts?

This will be a growing list of Podcasts with incredible soulpreneurs and Healers across the globe that I've connected with. It's my hope that not only do you listen to my episode but feel into their energy too! Stalk them, listen to other episodes - we RISE TOGETHER.

Some links are provided, others you can go to any podcast listening platform to search their podcast and my episode or name.

Be sure to save this blog post and come back to it often because I will be updating it as episodes go live. I've had some JUICY conversations that I know you don't want to miss!


Healing the Patriarchy With Love S2. E7

The Spiritual Wonder Woman, Healing the Witch Wound for One and For All

>>Inner Child RRT healing in this one!

Listen here or any major platforms

Unleashed Leader "Embracing Your Inner Witch: Healing the Witch Wound"

Hormone Rants "From Resistance to A Non-Negotiable with Christian Jones

Pivoting In Business

IG Live with Sarah Hunter

The HUB Podcast

Witch Wounding and Inner Work in Biz

Fulfilled Female Entrepreneur Podcast

Standing in your POWER as a Healer

Watch on Youtube or episode 25 on all podcast platforms

Business Energetics with Holly Burgess

Masculine and Feminine Harmonization in Businrss with Christian Jones

Decoding Wellness

Wisedome Podcast s2 e12

The Empower Me Show

Authentic HealthPreneurs

S2. E7: Authenticity and Marketing in Business

The Public Access Podcast ep. 380

Wellness Weekly

Spiritual Coaching (Search 3/4/22 episode)

Wellnessy Podcast with Ashley Juppy

Soulful Magnetism with Christian Jones

Soul Guided with Sookton

Episode date: 5/25/22

Making Quantum Shifts for an Aligned Life

Blissfully Bloom episode 62

Energy Healing & Spirit Guides

The Rebirth Circle: s1 e9

Surviving Your Spiritual Awakening

Coming Soon

Starry Sky & Witchy Things

...episode coming soon!

Safe Space with Cheyenne

...episode coming soon!

Multi-dimensional Transmissions

...coming soon

The Intuitive Entrepreneur Show

...episode coming soon!

The Initiates Podcast

...episode coming soon!

Do Less Podcast

...coming soon

Witch Casting

...coming soon

Authentic HealthPreneurs

...coming soon

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