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Intuition vs Ego (6 Steps to Strengthen Your Intuition)

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

So often I'm asked the questions below and it really got me thinking: DO we know if it's intuition or just ego? And what steps did I take to strengthen my own intuition? It certainly isn't a straight path (the unalome tells us the path to enlightenment is not a straight one) and there are a lot of ups and downs but it's SO COOL to lean into. Truly, it's about trusting. You just have to TRUST that when you get that intuitive nudge that you're going to follow it. The best way to prove to yourself is trusting it and seeing what happens. As long as it's for your highest and best good and does no harm to anyone involved then seriously...what do you have to lose???

Intuition vs Ego

. to know the difference to trust yourself

…is excitement aligned with intuition?

…how to strengthen it?


You were BORN with the capabilities to trust your inner knowing.

Somewhere along the way, sometimes we lose this clear channel to our higher selves to trust what feels good, what feels aligned, what feels like a next best step.

Maybe it was a situation from your childhood.

Maybe it was something traumatic that happened.

Then we began to look outside of ourselves for answers.

Seeking to others

Googling answers

Questioning every move and then questioning if it was the RIGHT thing to do.

You CAN begin now!

Ego is in your head.

Intuition is in your heart.

Ego says…I “should” do this because (whatever societal programming has happened).

It often can feel frantic or stressful.

It doesn’t always have your highest and best good in mind.

Intuition feels like…excitement, a clear yes.

It’s not stressful.

It can feel like JOY.

It can also FEEL like a clear no, bring forth a feeling in your body that's turning you away from a situation, person, etc.

It has your highest and best good at heart.

How do you tap in and trust your intuition?

Hand on your heart, take a deep breath (even do a meditation).

Ask yourself: What is my next best step regarding (insert situation)?

Get quiet and just listen to what drops in.

It will literally feel like something that’s come out of nowhere at times 😂 Whatever is given to you, TRUST.

If you need the next steps.

hand on your heart and ask: What is my next step?

Then trust what comes to mind.

You trust your intuition by taking those steps. Taking that inspired action.

Then also reflecting on how it actually DID turn out for your highest and best good.

So often we look outside ourselves for answers but YOU know what's best for yourself. No one could ever know what's possibly right for your next step and to tell you what is "right" (what does that even mean anyway? lol! And who gets to decide what is a "right" next step for everyone? Seriously though...) A life coach can help guide you for sure! (this is a big part of what I do as a Spiritual Life Coach---not give you the next steps but rather help you unlock what's already inside of you.)

Here’s 6 steps on how you can strengthen your intuition:

  1. Meditation It doesn’t have to be long, even 10 minutes a day is super effective. This will help you go within and notice when your intuition speaks through words, images, thoughts, emotions or physical sensations.

  2. Recognize when your intuition speaks this could come forward as a gut feeling, goose bumps, a feeling of relief. You could receive visuals that appear in quick flashes or unfold like a movie. You can receive intuitive messages through your emotions (like confusion, peace, euphoria). Sometimes it’s as simple as a deep since of knowing.

  3. Take time to listen to your intuition each day Carve out additional time each day alone to listen to what your intuition/higher self has to say. This doesn't have to be a TON of time. Even 10-15 minutes is great. Notice I said ALONE (no phone, friends, family, etc). Take a walk, sit in silence, take a bath. Just BE. This may feel uncomfy in the beginning but trust the process!

  4. Journal Ask questions & write down you answers.When you ask the question, do not try to alter what comes through. Just write down whatever thoughts float in and allow the pen to flow.

  5. Take Action Action creates momentum. Momentum creates more momentum. When you act, you receive more guidance as to whaat the next steps are and it becomes easier to receive and more clear over time and practice.

  6. Trust yourself Trusting your intuition is trusting YOU! Easier said than done, I know! But what do you have to lose by giving this a try? I’m willing to bet the more trust you place in yourself, the more profound joy and clarity you will have in your life.

Another way to strengthen your intuition is through Intuitive Quantum Healing. Not only does this help you release anxiety, have depression relief, lifts the stress and allows you to feel joyful, calm and also helps clear out everything so you can more easily access your higher self and the inner wisdom you have (think of it like a clogged drain pipe--reiki helps clear it out so everything can run through it better! Like draino...but natural 😂) If you're feeling called to a 1:1 session, you can check out all the details here including the FAQs and some of the reviews.

Do this simple activity: This of a time when you trusted your intuition (that "gut feeling" or inner knowing). What happened?

Now...think of a time when you went against your intuition because it didn't seem sensible to follow. What happened?

Interesting right??

You are so much more capable to tapping into that incredible intuition of yours than you could ever know! Try some of these out and let me know how it goes for you!

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