{Ongoing Support} Spiritual Life Coaching

Hey love!  


Life can get to be...A LOT sometimes, right?!  

Between being a woman, mama, working or business owner...you take on SO much.  


As a natural caregiver, you give so much of yourself that it’s hard to find time for you.  This can cause anxiety, overwhelm, resentment, depression.  All things you don’t WANT to feel but secretly, you do.  


I want to help you change that.  

I’m Christian, an empath and recovering people pleaser who was always anxious and overwhelmed. 


I’m a boy mama, military wife, Quantum Reiki healer and Spiritual Life Coach


I took myself from stressed out to blissed out and now I want to help you do the same!


It’s not about “finding yourself”, it’s about shedding the layers and the shadows to expose light on who you’ve always been buried underneath the chaos of life.   

With my help, you are going to be able to release anxiety, stress and step back into the light of WHO YOU ARE. 


You’re going to learn how to prevent all those low vibration feelings you’re experiencing so you can just feel LIGHTER {calmer, inner peace, mental clarity} and SO fucking good!  

I’m going to help you do this through assisting you in stepping into your awareness, healing and guiding you in shifting your perspective. 

These sessions will be a beautiful soul-led intuitive mentorship, channeled guidance, and coaching support.  We will focus on whatever your soul needs in our time together.  I will be asking you questions and guiding you with tools to help you on your current path.

Your 1:1 Mentorship Includes:

Bi-weekly, 60-minute intuitive mentorship & energy healing sessions 

  • 2 calls in 1 month PLUS a 30-minute 911 session to use each month

  • Quantum Reiki Sessions are opposite the week of our calls and include: 

    • (1) 60 Minute individual distance healing session​

    • (1) Bi-weekly group distance healing session (as a small group with my other private clients) for you and your immediate family (partner and children)

    • I will email you your quantum reiki healing session​ pdf with everything I did for you including everything I saw, heard, felt and experienced to help you on your healing journey

  • 1:1 voice/text support (with up to a 24-hour response time) through Voxer

    • You can use this for safe space to externally process what’s coming through for you, distance energy healing, intuitive mentorship, and/or channeled guidance whenever anything comes up in between our sessions. It’s basically like having me on speed dial.

  • Weekly Check-Ins with intention setting

  • Private access to my Meditation Series for free

  • 1 or 3 month commitment

    • payment plans available​

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