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How I Manifested My Dream Jeep in Months!

The Secret to manifesting... It's not in the's in the FEELING that we get our desires. This is a huge missing step for so many people (Including myself) What you think and feel, your primary vibration, brings more into your experience/life this means you need to SHIFT the bull shit limiting beliefs (mindset work!!!) ...then SHIFT into the feeling that you will feel when you achieve your desired outcome. (Energetic work!!!) If you're not doing these 2 things, your manifestations will not come. Almost a year and a half ago, I purchased my dream jeep. I did this in less than 6 months (though I've manifested different things MUCH quicker, this one felt big for me). You can apply this to ANYTHING. Here's how I did it (steps to manifestation) :

  1. I got SUPER effin' clear on what I wanted. (Make, model, color, features, etc)

  2. I wrote down how it would make me feel to get the keys, take the top off and have the wind in my face, music up, kiddos laughing in the back seat, going off roading, etc

  3. Visualization and meditation DAILY on how it would FEEL and embodying it NOW

  4. Expressed gratitude for the things I had and truly felt those feelings

  5. I shifted any and ALL bull shit limiting beliefs that came up that said I couldn't have it

  6. Every time I saw a Jeep, I celebrated. Confirmation it's coming closer and possible for me too!

  7. I surrendered to the outcome. The when, the how. And I focused on doing what I love.

More on this below and collapsing time, but here's my beautiful Jeep, Mud Puppy!

I set the intention in May 2020 that I REALLY wanted a Jeep sooner than later, preferably by May 2021. In July 2020 I started this process listed above. In Feb 2021, I bought my Jeep! COLLAPSING TIME! We can collapse time through embodying it NOW. Stepping into the version of ourselves that has it NOW.🔥 You can apply this to ANYTHING you dream and desire ...vehicle ...clients ...4-5 figure business + ...there is no limit! The only limit is your glass ceilings. Do the work Shift to the feeling Wash, rinse, repeat. Ok?? Sending you lots of love and light!

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