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What we seek in others is an opportunity to seek in ourselves

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

This will be strange—but hang with me for a second. Think about a situation where someone treated you in a way that made you just feel awful. ((I told you it was gonna be strange but I promise there is 💫LIGHT💫 in this!!! Keep reading 😉 ))

Maybe you felt undervalued Maybe you felt unappreciated Maybe you felt unheard Maybe you felt unlovedWhatever it is, give it a thought. Got it?? Ok good. Let’s flip this.


Using my examples above:

Where can I appreciate myself more?? Where can I value myself more?? Where can I hear myself more?? Where can I love myself more??

What we seek in others is an opportunity to seek in ourselves. We have zero control over the things people say to us, respond to us or how they react.

But what we CAN control is how we give to ourselves. How we speak to ourselves. How we love ourselves.

And what begins to happen is that the more we see these things in ourselves… Appreciation of self Valuing of Self Hearing of Self Loving of Self

The MORE others in our lives will project that back to us too.Doesn’t make the way someone treated you right but it DOES give you an opportunity to feel the feelings then choose again.Make sense??

Pull out your journal, write that situation down and give this activity a try. Feel free to hit reply or message me on social media with what you came up with or message me. I’d love to hear how you worked through this and/or guide you ❤️


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