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The Evolution Membership

An exclusive portal to clear fears holding you back, calm your nervous system and raise your vibration so you can revolutionize your life &/or soulful biz

🔥Immediate access upon enrollment


It's time for you to step into your power

I know your soul is craving 


A landing space to heal, regulate and anchor deep into safety of being YOU 

👉meaning no hiding in the healer's closet or scanning around to decide if you're safe to be you - you OWN who you are

To breathe LIFE into yourself as you transcend to higher vibrations

👉think group Intuitive Quantum Healing and RRT sessions to clear any bs limiting beliefs and stories so you can embrace your inner badass

And you are SO F*CKING READY to unleash the POWERFUL woman/Goddess who deeply desires to step out into the world unapologetically in her truth


🔥It's time for your next level🔥


In this sacred community, you are going to experience deep rebirth and transformation on a soul level so you can show up more fully in your life (and soulful business).


You will experience profound healing techniques that keep you grounded on your path to self discovery and liberation creating confidence and clarity in all areas of your life.

You'll be surrounded by like-minded soul family, no lone wolf here.  We RISE TOGETHER as a coven 🔥


Step into this high frequency container at the Early Bird Investment Price through 8/1/23 only

  • month to month membership

  • 6 month membership (1 month FREE)

Cancel anytime (though I have a feeling you will fly high, vibrate high and want to stick around)

Once you click the pink button it *may* take a moment to load your check out page - thanks for your patience! Technology🤷‍♀️😂


Evolution Membership

Like a slow drip for your nervous system, up-level for your mind, transcendence for your energy and soul. 


You are going to revolutionize how you do life and biz so you can show up unapologetically, speaking your truth and in your power.



$245/6 mo 

*see FAQ below for further info

What's Included

1 live group coaching call/mo

Hot seat group coaching call where you will experience the profound clarity and transformation with Christian covering topics you need support with around: Soulful Biz Strategy, Mindset, Energetics. (yes, this includes RRT).

Instant Access to Private community

For support, sisterhood and connection to also include membership only meditations and content (exclusive content, trainings and meditations every month)

Group Intuitive Quantum Healing sessions

1 group session each monthly to release low frequencies, clear out shit holding you back and raise your vibration.  Channeled by Christian & currently not available anywhere else

Live Readings Workshops & Moon Circles

Gain insight on your path and clarity on your next steps from a psychic and intuitive coach perspective exclusive to members only.


Free access to workshops & masterclasses Christian hosts while you're active in the membership

Access to all past and present calls, workshops, meditations and readings as of July 2023

Private membership discounts on programs and 1x sessions while enrolled

First dibs to know on spots for upcoming launches before even launched to the public.

What are you waiting for?!

Click Sign Up to begin your EVOLUTION.

Early Bird Investment month to month or 6 months (1 month FREE)


I live and BREATHE this

I’m Christian, a Spiritual Business Coach for Healers and Intuitive Quantum Healer.

It's my mission to help healers, lightworkers and spiritual entrepreneurs to strengthen their gifts, transcend their business and help their clients expand further.  

I like to walk the talk: 


  • Helped over 100 women heal through a combination of Intuitive Reiki and coaching

  • Taught 50+ students Reiki all over the world in an internationally accredited certification program. 

  • Strengthen my own gifts and abilities through healing work 

  • Continued to raise my consciousness through healing myself

  • Bachelors of Science in Marketing with an emphasis on Social Media Marketing.

  • Been mentored and healed by incredible healers and mentors across the world so you can benefit too


The truth is…


→ I am experienced in mindset and transformative work/healing

→ I KNOW soulful strategy

→ I have implemented advanced funnels that I have taught myself how to create to maximize my business and income. 

→ I know how to launch AND expand


And I have the education, experience and skill set to support you with these things too.

Always growing, always shifting, always evolving.


Feeling a full body f*ck YES?!

Let's DO THIS! Click the button to begin your EVOLUTION.

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