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All-Inclusive Resorts

The concept of the all-inclusive resort is a modern idea; however, these resorts date back to ancient times when many travelers ate together as a group. Often it was a group of family or tribal members working together on a collective mission. Meals usually consisted of whatever could be caught, killed, or grown in that area.

It was not until the early 20th century that the first resort began to open. It was created by Thomas Cook in the mid-19th century. This resort concept was designed to be as simple as possible in order to accommodate as many people as possible. Cook brought this concept to the masses during the 1920s with his creation of the famous Cook's Tours.

The resort concept became more widely known when it became the norm to go to the Caribbean. Many groups of friends and families would gather to eat, play, swim, etc. Some resorts would be themed in order to attract children as they were at that time.

The First All-Inclusive Resort

Montego Bay, Jamaica is an example of an all-inclusive resort. In 1960 this resort opened on the grounds of an old sugar mill. The resort itself is large with approximately 14,000 guests a year. It has a great golf course, beautiful waterfalls, and amazing views. The resort has become one of the most popular resorts in Jamaica.

Today there are numerous resorts that offer a particular experience on the beautiful island of Jamaica. However, none compare to the exceptional luxury service offered to visitors at the best all-inclusive resort in Jamaica. The Resort concept is quite simple and straightforward. Guests can enjoy the hotel facilities and activities during their stay, without any worries about leaving the resort to dine or otherwise relax. Each day starts with breakfast; which is served in one of the resort restaurants; which is often a buffet. This is usually the only meal of the day. Breakfast is a chance to learn about the day's activities.

The activities are very similar to those found at typical hotels. Guests are allowed to use the hotel's private golf course; they are able to participate in the many water activities; they are able to play mini-golf, swimming, or fishing; they are able to enjoy a variety of games or contests; they are even able to make use of the spa.

There is no need for guests to check-in at the resort, they just show up. This is not like a typical hotel, where guests must check-in and wait for a room. This is an entirely different concept in the way of resort lodging. Many guests stay a week or two with the family that has a villa, while the rest of the group is staying at a hotel that is more similar to a traditional hotel with a check-in desk.

Couple in love enjoying an adult gateway in Los Cabos

Like Jamaica, Cancun offers a beautiful coastline that stretches 42 km of extensive beaches and unparalleled turquoise waters. This region is known as the Cancun hotel zone, known for offering all-inclusive vacations exclusively for adults. Recently, in the year 2021, Cancun was certified as the best vacation destination to taste the top international cuisine.


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