You're not lost, you've just been through a lot.

Feeling lost, not knowing who you are, it feels almost empty doesn’t it?

There aren’t really words to put it but it feels like walking through a dense forest without a path and unable to see the light trying to peek through.

It’s like somewhere in life you lose your way

You forget the things that brought you joy

You get lost in the hustle of working, parenting, adulting.

You know you have greater purpose but you cannot figure it out

And honestly, you’re not even sure where to begin.

I have been there.

Somewhere along the line of standing beside my husband in his military career, having kids and LIFE, I could no longer see who I was.

It took some soul searching to clear the path

To peel back the layers of everything I piled on, everything society piled on and everything my ego said I was or was not.

When I see what a clear path is, it looks like a path opening in the trees with a beautiful bright light shining through

This is the image I have been receiving during meditation.

Clearing the path, following the light.

I promise you, you’re not lost

All you ned to do is to shed the layers and the shadows to expose light on who you’ve always been buried underneath the chaos of life.

It’s not easy but it IS simple ️

I HIGHLY recommend the book Untethered Soul (I'll link it at the end of this blog post). I read this book at least once or twice a year because it is SO GOOD.)

You can start by asking yourself some questions (save this because these are journaling prompts)

These are incredible to help you get started (you could even screen shot or save the image above). Once you're done, you could actually DO some of the things you did as a child. Sometimes as an adult, we simply don't put enough PLAY in our days (something I'm continuously loving on, playing more and not being so serious). In those times of play, creativity and self discovery truly comes through!

If you've been feeling lost or maybe even triggered, confused as to what comes next, anxious, overwhelmed, the awareness that you're giving yourself at this moment right now is HUGE.

This is where I come in.

In my Spiritual Life Coaching Program, I tailor it 100% to you and your needs.

I’m an expert in helping you see the truth behind the layers and the shadows.

I can help you expose who you have always been while helping you heal what’s coming up for you.

You’re not lost, you’ve just been through a lot.

I got you.

I’m here for you

My Spiritual Life Coaching program starts soon.

I help women shatter the broken mirrors of who they think they are and step into the light of who they truly are.

Feeling calmer, inner peace, mental clarity.

Deeper relationships, healing marriages.

Truly feeling happier.

The ingredients for transformation are awareness, openness willingness and acceptance. I’ll support you in the rest.

Click here to learn more and we will chat about the details and to see if it's a good fit for you.

Click here for the book I mentioned earlier, Untethered Soul.

Sending you lots of love and light!

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