You Give Power To What You Focus On

If you keep focused on the negative, you'll find more proof of things being negative.

Similarly, if you focus on the good, you'll automatically find more proof of things being good.

I know that things can feel uncertain. There's a lot of emotions flowing through everyone. Probably even through you too, right?

Same, friend . Same.

Know that you're not alone. Everything you're feeling is VALID. Sit with those feeling.

I encourage you to not allow them to rule your life. Find safe and healthy ways to release them.

You KNOW I'm a HUGE advocate for journaling. get it out of your head.

I PROMISE you, you will feel SO much better when you do. (If you want to learn how to journal or get some guidance & prompts, click here to get my free Journal to Your Soul pdf)

Stay informed with credible resources, without obsessing. Make choices that feel good and aligned for YOU. And RELEASE THE REST.

If you don't already, keep an eye on my Instagram stories. I'm @xo_christianjones. Each day, I do my best to share something to help you heal and elevate your life in some way. As I create or share resources, I'll share the on my social media accounts and in my free facebook community. I'll continue to give them to you here too. Save this email and refer back to it when you need the reminder

Lastly, keep an eye out for my next group reiki session.

It’s a great way to release negative energy, anxiety & stress, feel more joyful, mental clarity and feel SO GOOD! (The benefits are limitless!)

No pressure ever ️ I fully trust in the timing for you!

Have a fantastic rest of your week!

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