You decide what you want to cultivate.

Intention, gratitude and reflection.

I wanted to share with you today something really awesome I love to do as well as something I'm going to implement.

The first is deciding the feeling I want to cultivate this week.

The thing is, we get to DECIDE what we want not just from this moment but also from this life. Yes, sometimes shit happens, life gets crazy, weird or bad things happen. We cannot always control those things and sometimes what we go throw is TOUGH. I'm not dismissing this at all (I have so been there!)

So often, though, we allow outside circumstances control our internal well being.

What if you gently put that to a hault and just decided that you are going to be the observer of what happens around you and also what you are thinking? How would that change what's going on for you?

Every Sunday or Monday I check in with my Spiritual Life Coaching clients asking them to set their intentions for the week along with a WORD for the week. The word is the feeling that they're going to cultivate.

This process is ELEVATING.

Not only does it keep you grounded in what you desire to feel for the week, it also helps re-direct you when you’re feeling out of alignment.

Here’s the catcher—you are NOT allowing your mean girl in your head take over and beat you up for not being in alignment with what you said you’re going to feel.

You’re human

Shit comes up

Life happens

But this time? You’re not going to allow it to derail you.

You’re going to throw a fit if you need to and then come back home to you.

Stepping into AWARENESS

Being the gentle observer by saying something like "Hmm isn't that interesting?" Then you can ask yourself:

"What's my truth? How can I shift to feeling better right now?"

Then you shift back to how you desire to feel

I recommend writing your word of the week on a sticky note or somewhere that you will see it often and be reminded of how it is that you desire to feel this week.

You can even do this for the whole month if you want but I highly recommend doing it weekly.

The second this is gratitude.

Gratitude is the ultimate shifter. It can shift you from feeling low vibration to elevated quickly. I love to do this throughout the day, just looking for proof of things I have to be grateful for and how life is working out in my favor. Journaling daily gratitude is POWERFUL as well. Not just what you're grateful for but WHY you're grateful for it.

However, what I'm going to begin to implement for myself is this: gratitude for the month that's passed. So the beginning of each month taking some time with my journal and reflecting on what good happened and what I'm grateful for. If you wanted to take this further you could also write what you learned and what you'd like to shift (and how you will do that).

Ok, so back to the word for the week and the feeling to cultivate.

My word for this week is: Pivot.

To remind myself when I'm having thoughts that don't serve me, reframe my thoughts and pivot my energy. This will help me cultivate the feeling of confidence and clarity in the direction of my desire.

Will you try it with me? Hit reply and tell me: what’s your word for the week?

Speaking of Spiritual Life Coaching, my next clients are beginning on Monday April 5 . If you're feeling called to it or want to learn more, click here Deadline to enroll is Sunday 4/4.

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