You can manifest too!

Have you ever heard the concept of manifesting and rolled your eyes? Or maybe even thought something like, "yeah, nice for her but I couldn't even do that"?

I know I used to think that too.

Let me preface and say: I'm not a SUPER expert on this topic (I highly recommend following Manifestation Babe and Amanda Frances on IG because they are QUEENS of this topic!).

You see, it started with manifesting things like free coffee, discounts on various things, free meals. Then to random checks coming in the mail (uh WHO GETS CHECKS ANYMORE?! This happens!).

I know enough and have been doing it long enough (and now my spiritual life coaching clients are doing it too and it's so badass!) to teach you how you can begin as well.

Let me share with you my most recent manifestation and also share with you how you can begin manifesting along with my fav meditation, journaling prompts and things for you to try!

I manifested this beautiful girl.

I am now the proud owner of a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara.

Meet Mud Puppy

I do NOT share this with you to brag or boast. If I'm showing up in your inbox, by now I hope you know that I come from love and wanting to help/give to you however I can!

I've been dreaming about a firecracker red Unlimited for a year or longer now.

I visualized what it would feel like when I drove it.

Being out in this Hills (eventually topless when it's warm enough)

I could FEEL the wind in my hair.

I'm so damn grateful and so OVER THE MOON excited.

I have gone from laughing to crying and back again because I'm just in AWE.

May seem trivial but to me this represents fun, freedom and EXPANSION.

The experiences and memories we as a family will make in this beautiful Jeep


We already took it out on the trails on Sunday and omg cheesin the entire time.

Her name is Mud Puppy because last summer my parents, sister and I (and our families) rented UTVs and let's say I was COVERED from head to toe with mud. (which is normal for me when we go out ) dad took one look at me after we were done, laughed and said "You're my Mud Puppy!" Fitting and meaningful, right?!

And let this be a reminder that YOU TOO can have what you desire.

You don't have to begin with a vehicle though you CAN, just allow the universe to shift some things for you! But have FUN with it! play with it! Maybe start with a free coffee or money showing up. Start with something you believe you can have and something you can get behind. I don't do the following steps for the smaller things but you totally can!

Then celebrate the crap out of it when it shows up for you.

So here's how you can begin to manifest too:

1. Visualize it

What do you want?? Get SUPER EFFING CLEAR on what you desire! The specifics.

Journal out what you desire.

--For me, I love to write it all out and it's what I connect with so deeply. You don't have to be a pro writer to get all the specifics out though!

You could also create a vision board or even a mood board on pinterest with your desire.

Meditation is also POWERFUL for this.

--I LOVE the meditation on Insight Timer app called: 30-Day Morning Manifestation Meditation by Happy Mind Meditation. You can also search up manifesting meditations on youtube or google.

2. FEEL it.

Step into the feeling of what it's like to have the thing you desire (again, meditation really helps with this!).


What does it FEEL like?

What does the you that already has this think?

How does she act? What does she wear? What is she doing?

3. Shift the limiting beliefs that surface.

This could be multiple times a day--but let's not have you beating yourself up over it. Nope.

You're going to be the gentle observer.

--Simply say, when a limiting belief or something in you says you 'can't' have that thing you desire: hmmm isn't that interesting?

Then journal:

Why do I feel I can't have this? Why else? Anything else?

Is that/Are those my ultimate truth/s? (hint: nope!)

What IS my truth?

-->This is your affirmation to support your belief!

You can also shift actual funky feelings in your body that come up too!

You do NOT have to allow it to sit in your body. Ask yourself: What do I need? And do that! Do you need to dance? Walk? Exercise? Shower/bath? Take a nap? Get a healing? Trust whatever comes through.

4. Then you surrender and trust it's already done.

Take inspired action, trust your intuition and do NOT STOP seeing and feeling into it until it's yours.

Amanda Frances says: Faith is believing that it's going to happen even after it looks like it won't

I hope this helps! I can't wait to see how you feel as you bring your manifestations to life.

My Spiritual Life Coaching program starts 4/5.

It's my mission to help women step into the light of who they truly are. Feeling calmer, inner peace, mental clarity. Deeper relationships, healing marriages. Truly feeling happier. (And even helping you manifest your desires and trusting your intuition too!)

If you’re ready to begin (or continue) your healing journey, I’m in your corner. Trust your intuition. Trust the nudges you’ve been receiving. You KNOW what feels right for you. I have 2 spots for april. Hit reply and we’ll chat about the details ️ Or click here for deets

PS--if you click the image above, you can go to my IG with a few more pix and the pic that gave me (and my Jeep) Mud Puppy!

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