You Are NOT a Victim

It can feel a lot easier to panic and wonder “why me” in life circumstances than to work through it, ya know?

I used to live in the victim mentality:

We move around a lot

Poor me military wife

No help from family

We’re in debt

It’s hard to find a job

Blah blah blah blah

Let me invite you to contemplate something.

What if your life is happening FOR you, not TO you?

What if you are meant to have these lessons for growth?

What if instead of looking at how shitty things are or how unfair a situation feels (let’s face it - sometimes it IS!) we pulled ourselves together after our meltdown and pity party and asked:

How can I see this differently?

What if what we’re going through is part of the soul contract we made before we came to Earth and into human existence?

You are NOT a victim of your circumstances or situation.

It’s a season.

A time in your life.

It’s a lesson.

Sometimes it feels like a very fucked up way to learn a lesson but here’s what I’ve learned...

Give yourself some SPACE.

You are constantly being given signs by God/Angels/Loved ones/Spirit...whatever you believe in.

And...if you’re silent and give yourself some space (ie: turn off the tv and put the phone down for 10 min) then you will be able to start receiving your signs.

When you think about it...sometimes you’re whacked in the head before you listen and go with the way of the less. But...if you look back, most likely you were given signs all along. Opportunities to receive.

Yes, these lessons can be painful to work through BUT if you don’t do the inner work? It’ll keep showing up in your life one way or another.

Ya know...the friend who has “the worst luck with men”? Yeah...just like that.

Give yourself space

Listen for the lesson

Do the inner work

Watch peace enter your life.

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